Best Specialty Foods In Hiroshima

Here're best specialty foods in Hiroshima when you travel in Hiroshima. Such as Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, Onomichi Ramen, and oyster known to the foodies in the know, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Hiroshima.

Best Specialty Foods In Hiroshima [1-6]


Tai-Chazuke, a Bowl of Rice and Soup Topped with a Sea Bream

This restaurant's special is sea breams. I think I can eat the bowl of Tai-Chazuke forever for it's light but has an elegant flavor of sea breams.

2Hassho Main Shop

One of the Best! Can't Talk about Hiroshima-yaki If You Have not Eaten It.

The Hiroshima-yaki uses high quality wheat, many cabbages, meats, grilled noodle mixed with eggs. It is soul food of locals and one of the best Hiroshima-yaki in Hiroshima, I ate one 'Sobanikutama'.


The Exquisite Conger-Rice 'Hitsumushi' that is Famous in Hiroshima

The Hitsumushi is a specialty meal of restaurant 'Takotsubo' at lunch. The exquisite meal is conger and rice steamed in a wooden container called 'Ohitsu' with green onions, laver and wasabi. You can choose conger or eel and I think conger is lighter.


Local Beef That Only A Few People Know! Grilled 'Taoshita Beef' Grown In Takehara Of Hiroshima

A restaurant in a complex, ONOMICHI U2, of fashionable shops and a hotel. You can savor a local grown 'Taoshita Beef' of Hiroshima with nice view of Setouchi. It has a surprising softness and delicious taste which you can hardly ever have in other places in Japan.◎Lucky, if you can order the matured Taoshita Beef.

5Syukaen Matsunaga Store

A Thick Soup of Chicken Bones and Soy Sause. That's Onomichi Ramen

Shukaen is a famous restaurant for Onomichi ramen and people make line to eat the ramen. The soup with punch and flat noodle are the traditional. In Matsunaga is less crowded than the head shop. Moreover people say the Matsunaga shop is the most delicious.

6Miyajima no Kakikun

Miyajima Oyster Gratin Covered With Just Grilled Cheese

Delicious! You should try the local gourmet when you get tired of usual way to eat oyster. What a revolutionary oyster it is!