Best Specialty Foods In Okayama

Here're best specialty foods in Okayama when you travel in Okayama. Such as the special local beef 'Chiya-gyu', and Horumon Udon known to the foodies in the know, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Okayama.

Best Specialty Foods In Okayama [1-8]

1Chuka-soba SAKAMOTO

The Local Noodle 'Kasaoka Ramen' Is Worth Going Out Of The Way To Taste

There were many chicken yards in this area, so Kasaoka Ramen noodle has chicken soup and roast chicken in it. The soy sauce-chicken broth soup is surprisingly excellent with the seasoned roast meat and its noodle. I found a satisfying reason for visiting Kasaoka.◎Kasaoka City of Okayama Prefecture is famous for its ramen. Sakamoto is the oldest shop of Kasaoka Ramen. 'Chuka Soba' 600yen

2Parlor Kudamono Komachi

A Fruit Parlor With Surprising Bamboo Garden

A café of fruit located at 'Bikan Historical Quarter' famous for traditional houses. This shop has a beautiful bamboo garden that makes people surprised to say 'what's it for?' And you can eat Okayama's specialties such as peach and muscat grapes.◎It's located along the alley from Japanese Toy & Doll Museum on the main street of Bikan area. This photo is 'Okayama Hakuto (white peach) Premium Plate' 1500yen


The Chiya-Beef-Bowl Using the Highest Grade Japanese Black Beef in Okayama. How Delicious and Soft!

This is the bowl of rice topped with Chiya beef that is descended from excellent blood and grown in Okayama. The amount of production is not so much that is called rare. Surprising good flavor and softness in it's marbled meat. A renowned delicacy!

4Mizu-no Sato OKUTSUKO

Local Ramen With 'Hime-Togarashi Red Pepper'

These're the local ramen made with a specialty of Okutsu 'Hime-togarashi' a red pepper. The crimson and big sized quality red pepper is used in the soup and the noodle. I like the spicy taste coming gradually!◎Karamiso Ramen with red pepper soup is 700yen. Tecchiriko Ramen with red pepper noodle is 780yen. You can enjoy nice spicy taste with both them! What's more, the scenery of Okutsu-ko Lake is beautiful.

5Kurumaza Yurinan

The Pudding Makes You Happy In 2 Weeks After Eating, Only 80 Cups in A Day

You take a photo of the pudding painted smile face before eating and you'll be happy when you see the photo 2 weeks later. It become very popular by word of mouth. Whether you trust or not, it's up to you.


'Demikatsu-don' With Rich Demi-Glace Sauce & Pork Cutlet At Its Birthplace

A specialty of Okayama, 'Demikatsu-don' has pork cutlet on rice with demi-glace sauce. Nomura is famous as its birthplace. The thick, rich and sweet sauce is excellent with the crisp cutlet. I have no doubt that it's a delicious local specialty food in Okayama.◎It's called also as 'Domikatsu'. A specialty Demi-glace sauce cutlet on rice 800 yen.

7Yamagoeteuchi Udon

Horumon Udon, a Specialty of Tsuyama, the Local Casual Gourmet

The 'Horumon Udon' is famous as B Gourmet in Tsuyama (B Gourmet means delicious and inexpensive foods and Horumon are broiled pig or cow innards). The hand-made udon noodle of Yamagoe store is really good, and not as chewy as Sanuki udon. And the crunchy texture of innards is great. It is the B Gourmet!


You Can Eat Only Here! Specialty 'Wara-don' With Plenty Of Marinated Spanish Mackerel

Because it's a registered trademark of Fuku-zushi. Marinated Spanish mackerel is soft but has a comfortable toughness. Having your mouth full with hot rice and Spanish mackerel, it'll be addicted. Sesame, myoga (Japanese ginger) and ginger add the the well-balanced refreshing seasonings to the sweet soy-marinated Spanish mackerel.