Best Specialty Foods In Tokushima

Here're best specialty foods in Tokushima when you travel in Tokushima. Such as Naruto Sea Bream admired as the best sea bream, Tokushima Ramen with original rich taste known to the foodies in the know, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Tokushima.

Best Specialty Foods In Tokushima [1-7]


You Can Know By One Bite. Japan's Best Sea Bream 'Naruto Dai'

Naruto Strait has very fast currents which is one of the three biggest tides in the world. The sea bream grown in such raging waves is named 'Naruto-dai (tai)' and has tighten meat good taste. Uzunoya offers the sea bream on rice with secret sauce.◎Uzunoya specialty 'Tai-don' is \1950. You can see the good view of Naruto Bridge from the seats by the window.

2Ramen Todai -Omichi Main Shop

Aiming At The Top Of Ramen! A Genuine Taste, Tokushima Ramen Of Rich Pig Bone Broth & Soy Sauce

As a top university, Tokyo (Todai), 'Ramen Todai' aims at the top of ramen. Tokushima ramen has soup of rich pig-bone broth and soy sauce, then grilled pork and raw egg on it. You can have eggs and spicy moyashi (bean sprouts) for free. You must be a captive of Todai's ramen!◎¥600~. Free eggs that are selected by an egg sommelier. You can also eat grilled pork dipped in mixed egg like Sukiyaki

3Terrace Café Ohge

Delicious Naruto Sea Bream Cutlet! A Hamburger Made From The Local Foodstuffs

The crisp cutlet is sea bream (tai) grown in Naruto. What is more, the original tartar sauce uses the specialty scallion and famous Naruto wakame. It's made from the local foodstuffs and, anyway, delicious. Please appreciate the taste of Naruto.◎1st floor of Renaissance Resort Naruto. Only 10 dishes for a day. It's acknowledged as Tokushima Local Hamburger.


To The Top Of Seafood Bowl! The Largest Volume! Naruto's (Tokushima Pref.) Proud Of A The Superb Seafood Bowl

I haven't seen such a seafood bowl before. Fresh seafood caught near Naruto get together in the bowl. Gorgeous seafood and great impact.


The Gorgeous Specialties Of Awaodori, Local Grown Chicken In Tokushima

Odori is a specialty restaurant of the local grown chicken in Tokushima. As well as chicken steak, deep fried chicken, also a rich taste pudding of Awaodori eggs, they prepare various menu. ◎Opening hours: weekday/ 11:00-17:00, weekends/ 11:00-20:00. Regular holiday: Thursdays

6Ristorante Fishbone

Delicious Italian Made From Picked Foodstuffs In Naruto

Locally grown vegetables are also organic and fresh. Since it was displayed beautifully, it's not a home-style cooking but a gorgeous one. I enjoyed Christmas lunch course.

7Iyasoba Momiji-tei

The Traditional Handmade 'Iya Soba' Thick And Short Noodle Made From The Clear Water Of Yoshino River

The buckwheat raised by the clear water of the Yoshino River is used for the traditional noodle. It's feature is thick, short and mild taste. And 'Bukkake' is also popular.