Best Specialty Foods In Kochi

Here're best specialty foods in Kochi when you travel in Kochi. Such as famous Tatsuo-no Tataki (light roasted bonito), grilled Gyoza known to the foodies in the know, and a gorgeous Kinme Don (red snapper on rice), we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Kochi.

Best Specialty Foods In Kochi [1-7]

1Imadoki Yasube

A Major Gourmet Power, Kochi. Must Not Miss The Specialty Gyoza At A Stall

Kochi has many kinds of local specialties, but 'gyoza of Yasube' is unique. They make it one by one and start to cook after they take orders. These crisp gyoza wrapped by thin doughs will make you addicted.


Kochi's Specialties At A Restaurant In The Sky

Located at Tengu Highlands, Tengu-sou is an ideal place for tourist to take a rest and eat lunch. It's truly a sky restaurant that commands the wonderful view from 1400m above sea level. You can eat Kochi's local specialties such as Tosa Beef steak.◎They prepare full variety of the local meats such as Tosa Beef, Shimanto Pork and Chicken. For souvenir, 'Manten no hoshi daifuku' using much of the local Houji Tea is good.

3Hotel Akenohoshi

The Best One Among Muroto's Local Specialty 'Kinme Don'

The local specialty of Muroto is Kinme Don (red snapper on rice). Kinme, a kind of highest grade fish, is deliciously fatty. It's popular for other restrants to arrange kinme with other fish, but you can eat a rice bowl with only kinme at Akenohoshi restaurant.◎You can't have Kinme Don with only Kinne fish elsewhere. Kinme's sashimi and teriyaki (grilled with soy sauce) are on the rice, and you can pour Japanese tea into the bowl (it's called Ochazuke). Kinme Dukushi Don 2500yen


Light-Roasted Bonito Is Special! Quality Tosa Cuisine You Must Eat In Kochi

You can have traditional Tosa's cuisine such as lightly roasted bonito (Katsuo-no Tataki) and whale dishes (sukiyaki in this pic). Lightly roasted bonito is offered anywhere, but here is special! I really like their fatty and roasted savorily bonito served with relishes and their secret sauce.◎The basic course is priced from 5000yen. There're counter seats and Japanese style zashiki seats. The chef was friendly.

5Restaurant Yuzuan

Kochi Breed of Chicken "Tosa Jiro" Omelet and Whale Meat Cutlet

The omelet made from "Tosa Jiro" chicken and the whale meat cutlet are well-known as Kochi local gourmet.


Enjoy Highest Grade Wagyu! Sukiyaki Of 'Tosa Aka-ushi'

Tosa Aka-ushi is called rare wagyu because of the small amount of shipment. You can enjoy it in the Japanese style inn. Tosa wagyu that grows in the great nature in Kochi, has a good chewiness and the more you chew the meat, more juicy flavor comes out. It's the superb sukiyaki.

7Sunday Market Imoten

A Crispy Sweet Potato Tempura that You Never Eat without Forming a Line

At a well-known Sunday market in Kochi, there's always a line in front of this booth. My family loves and buy one person one bag. Simple but unforgettable!