Best Specialty Foods In Kagawa

Here're best specialty foods in Kagawa when you travel in Kagawa. Such as so famous Udon noodle, spicy grilled chicken, Takoban known to the foodies in the know, and lovely colorful snack Oiri, we selected the most delicious and must-eat local foods posted in City's Pride by the travelers and the locals who actually traveled in Kagawa.

Best Specialty Foods In Kagawa [1-10]

1Ikkaku Ota Store

Oyadori, A Grown Chicken That Is Spicy, Juicy and Unique Texture

Kagawa-ken called 'Udon-ken' is famous for a local noodle 'Udon' but not only that. A chicken with bone served by the restaurant 'Ikkaku' is also famous. Both Oyadori and Hinadori (not grown chicken) are spicy and juicy. But I recommend Oyadori because it is more delicious and chewy and goes well with beer.

2Steak House ICHIGO

You Must Eat Olive Beef In Kagawa! Steak Of Gold Labeled Black-hair Olive Beef

Shodo-shima Island's specialty olive for the cattle feed, and grown up in the worm climate, Kagawa's brand 'olive beef' is proud of its high quality. This restaurant provides us with the gold labeled steak at the best state!

3Road Station Toyohama

Lovely Ice Cream With Oiri, A Local Sweets In Kagawa

This is a roadside station where you can eat the local ice cream topped with oiri, a little sweet and colorful candy born in the western part of Kagawa Prefecture. I like the nice location with beautiful scenery of Seto Inland Sea!◎Now, there're many sweets using oiri in other prefectures in Japan because they look nice in Instagram.

4Marukin Soy Sauce Museum

Soy Sauce Ice Cream With Tasty Sweetness And Saltiness

Marukin Say Sauce Museum's specialty 'Soy Sauce Ice Cream' that almost all tourists eat. It's made from Marukin's original soy sauce 'Hatsu-shibori' aged in wooden barrel. It has delicious balance of sweetness and saltiness.◎Located at 'Hishio-no Sato' area with savory smell of soy sauce. You can buy this at a souvenir shop adjoining Marukin Soy Sauce Museum. Free parking lot is available.


Strawberry Picking You Can Eat Kagawa's Brand 'Sanukihime'

You can enjoy strawberry picking at Sky Farm. The strawberries grown in the much of sunlight above the ground are very big and sweet! Even adults can be satisfied with the high quality strawberries!◎There're some other kinds of strawberry, and all of them are delicious. The season is from January to May, reservation required. 13 years old~ 1600yen, 6-12 years old 1200yen, 3-5 years old 800yen

6Olive Palace RestleA

The Local Somen Noodle With A Difference! Tasty & Green Olive Somen

It's a restaurant in Shodoshima Olive Garden. Shodoshima Island is a birthplace of Japan's olive cultivation. This somen is kneaded with olive and becomes more delicious by sauce added olive oil. You can eat somen noodle a bit different from ordinary one.◎Located in Shodoshima Olive Garden, and a little upward from its parking lot. A restaurant with a fine view. 'Shodoshima Olive Somen' is 500 yen.

7Sanuki Udon TAMARI

A Specialty TAMARI Udon Noodle As An Energy Source For The Locals

A popular udon noodle restaurant 'TAMARI'. Its al dente noodle is a true thing of Sanuki Udon. Their 'TAMARI Udon' with grated yam, picked plum and dry bonito, is a tasty specialty that can become an energy source for the local people.◎TAMARI Udon small 360yen. Though it's small size, but satisfying. Its spacious parking lot is filled up on holidays.

8Sea food restaurant Jyako-ya

Rice Bowl Of Olive Yallowtail Soaked In Soy Sauce

They add powdered olive leaves as feed to make a quality and unfading meat of young yellow tails. Soaked them in soy sauce and eat with rice.


The Deliciousness Is Beyond The Expectation! Zouni With Anmochi

Anmochi (a rice cake with azuki bean jam) really works well with white miso and stock soup. People live in Kagawa love this combination. This rice cake is also hand made here, Momotaro jaya. The side dish, shoyu mame (a broad bean soaked in soy sause) is also the local specialty.

10Takoban Komae

The Genuine Tako-ban With An Egg. B Grade Gourmet In Nio!

They proposed tako-ban first. With egg will be better. Octopus and fresh cabbage make a good feel in your mouth and very delicious. It's only 120yen for its size, it must be known all over Japan!