Most Beautiful Hydrangea Spots In Ibaraki Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places of hydrangea in Ibaraki Prefecture. It becomes the best to see in June in Japan. Then we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Ibaraki, and released the ranking, including Hydrangea Forest known for its 100 thousand hydrangea flowers.

Most Beautiful Hydrangea Spots In Ibaraki Prefecture [1-6]

1Amabiki Kannon Temple

Hydrangea Raft In An Inner Pond Of Amabiki Kannon Temple

The picked and floated hydrangea on a pond is like otherworldly scene. I like this very beautiful world! They'll change and float hydrangeas till around 7/20. And don't forget to pay homage at a temple, too.

2Howaen Garden

Howaen, A Garden Of 6000 Hydrangeas

Howaen Garden has 100 kinds and 6000 hydrangeas. Many colors were in beautifully full-bloom.

3Hydrangea Forest

Hydrangea Garden Of 450 Kinds And 100 Thousand Flowers

I put the withered hydrangea in the water, then it revives like tiara.◎5 km (10 min) by car from Kita-Ibaraki IC of Joban Speedway. 10 min by train from Isohara Station of JR Joban Line.

4Hinuma Nature Park

1500 Trees Of Hydrangea Blooming In A Valley Of Nature Park

When I walked into a forest, I could find the hydrangeas spreading to the whole valley! For the forest is humid and you'll sweat, don't forget towel and something to drink.

5Mito Hachiman Shrine

Beautiful Hydrangeas Blooming In The Precinct

Mito Hachiman Shrine is selected as '100 Most Beautiful Scenery In Ibaraki', '100 Must Visit Tourist Spots In Mito', and also '100 Best Scenery In Mito Chosen By Mito Local People'. There're 50 kinds and 5000 trees of hydrangea blooming beautifully in the precinct.◎For people using trains or bus: take bus at No.7 bus stop at north gate of Mito Station (via Suehiro-cho), to Sakaemachi 2-chome. 15 min. 170 yen. For cars: 20 min from Mito IC of Joban Speedway. Free parking area is available.


One Hundred Kinds And 10 Thousand Trees Of Hydrangeas

Nihonmatsu-ji Temple has so many hydrangeas here and there. Inside the precinct of course, there're hydrangeas even the paths between rice paddies around the temple.◎Parking area is free. Admission fee is 300 yen.