Best Cafes And Restaurants In Ogijima Island, Kagawa Prefecture

Best cafes and restaurants in Ogijima Island, Kagawa Prefecture. You can go there in 40 min from Takamatsu Port by ferry. It has some diners of course, and even cafes and restaurants that has renovated from old houses. To enjoy the delicious blessings and tasty coffee is one of the attractions of travel to Ogijima. We selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers who have actually been there.

Best Cafes And Restaurants In Ogijima Island, Kagawa Prefecture [1-4]

1Bistro Iori

Lunch Full Of The Island's Specialties At A French Bistro In A Small Isolated Ogi Island

A lunch plate cooked by a chef who has experiences in Osaka is a kind of creative French of island's foodstuffs and seafood of Setouchi. It's a real but casual bistro suitable for Ogi-jima Island. Delicious and fashionable lunch makes your island journey perfect.


Damonte & Co. Making A Must Beverage And Homemade Food For Your Blissful Reading Time

Much to my surprise, this nice open-air café in front of the library was built by the owner himself and islanders. They provide a hell of a must beverage for a slow reading time in an island. Also alcoholic liquors.


Specialty Food Of Ogijima Island You Can Eat At A Window Seat Commanding Seascape

At Ogijima of Kagawa prefecture, MADOKA is a tourist home and an eating house. It has a scenic window seats that commands the calm seascape of Ogi Island, and you can eat the local specialty seafood. And tempura of octopus has good chewiness I like very much.

4Ogi・Shima Table

Octopus & Turbo! Ogi's Fresh Seafood Caught By Islander's Free Diving

Shima Table is right next to the port. 'Sazae' a turbo cooked in its own shell, rice with turbo, and tempura of fresh octopus are all superb as Ogi Island's specialties! Try some when you arrive at Ogi or before you take the ferry to leave the island.