Most Beautiful Hydrangea Spots In Kanagawa Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places of hydrangea in Kanagawa Prefecture. It becomes the best to see in June in Japan. Then we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Kanagawa, and released the ranking, including Meigetsu-in famous as a hydrangea temple.

Most Beautiful Hydrangea Spots In Kanagawa Prefecture [1-4]

1Meigetsuin Temple

Meigetsuin Blue You Can See At A Hydrangea Temple In Kamakura

Kamakura is renown for hydrangea in this season, and Meigetsuin Temple is one of the most popular places. There're 2500 trees of hydrangea in beautiful colors admired as 'Meigetsuin Blue'. You can meet the beautiful scenery of rainy season, together with the bamboo grove.◎To enjoy seeing and taking pictures of hydrangeas enough, it'll be better for you to visit as soon as Meigetsuin Temple opens, or about one hour before it closes.

2Kaisei Ajisai no Sato

500 Hydrangea Trees Surrounding The Rural Districts

5000 hydrangea trees are planted along the waterways. Large flowered hydrangeas are seen beautifully with the green of rice plants, and many people come to walk around in early summer.

3Hakone Tozan Train

Nearly Touch From The Window!   A Mountain Climbing Train Goes Through Ten Thousand Hydrangeas.

Many people come to see the sight of a Hakone Tozan train climbing the steep slopes through the hydrangeas planted very close to the railroads during June and July. At night, you can ride on a train named Ojisai-go going slowly in the illuminated hydrangeas.

4Hase-dera Temple

Hydrangea Temple In Kamakura! 2500 Trees Of Hydrangea And Lovely Jizo Images

Myogetsuin Temple is the most famous as a hydrangea temple in Kamakura, but Hase-dera is also a great spot of many hydrangeas. You can enjoy beautiful hydrangeas, and let's try to find smiling Ryoen Jizo images and a big Nagomi Jizo.