Most Beautiful Hydrangea Spots In Kagawa Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places of hydrangea in Kagawa Prefecture. It becomes the best to see in June in Japan. Then we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Kagawa, and released the ranking, including Mt. Shiude where you can see the hydrangeas with Seto Inland Sea.

Most Beautiful Hydrangea Spots In Kagawa Prefecture [1-2]

1Mt. Shiude

Superphotogenic Hydrangeas & Seascape

Mt.Shiude is a well known spot for the sunning view of Seto Inland Sea. In rainy season, it becomes a best spot of viewing hydrangeas and makes superphotogenic scenery with the sea.◎There're many hydrangeas but my faovrite view can be seen from the parking lot.

2Awai Shrine

A Shrine With 3000 Hydrangea Trees At The Precinct & Walk

Hydrangeas coloring the slope are very impressive. A walk in the lush grove has beautiful blue hydrangeas and makes very fantastic scenery. Hydrangea Festival is held in the middle of June every year.◎30 min could be enough to see slowly around the precinct and walk. Free parking lot is available.