Best Wisteria 'Fuji' Flower Spots In Tokushima Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places of wisteria flower in Tokushima Prefecture. It becomes the best to see from the late April to the early May. Then we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Tokushima, and released the ranking including Jinko-ji Temple famous for Climbing Wisteria.

Best Wisteria 'Fuji' Flower Spots In Tokushima Prefecture [1-3]

1Jinko-ji Temple

Impressive 15m Wisteria Trellis! Climbing Wisteria In Full Bloom At A Temple

Jinko-ji has as tall as 15m wisteria trellis that you hardly ever see other places. You can enjoy seeing the strong appearance of beautiful wisteria climbing to the sky.◎Entrance: free Season: the end of April

2Dougaku-ji Temple

Wisteria Trellis With Two Colors, Purple & Pink Blooming Together

In the precinct of Dougaku-ji Temple, the wisteria trellis make many people want to come and see it every year. Though it's not so big, the two colors of purple and pink blooming together is worth seeing.

3Jifukuji Temple

White, Purple And Double Flowers! Many Kinds Of Japanese Wisteria Blossoms

Ishii town in Tokushima, Jifuku-ji temple is famous for Japanese wisteria. They hold a wisteria festival every year and you can enjoy not only the well known purple blossoms, but also the white wisteria trellis and double petaled.