Takoyaki, Must-Eat Specialty Food In Osaka

Here're best Takoyaki shops in Osaka Prefecture. Such as KOUGARYU Main Store and Takoyaki Juhachiban Dotonbori, we have the ranking for shops you must go, judged from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Osaka.

Takoyaki, Must-Eat Specialty Food In Osaka [1-5]


Eat As It Is Without Any Sauce! An Originator Of Osaka's Takoyaki

Aiduya is an originator of Osaka's local food, Takoyaki. For the dough contains Japanese stock soup flavor strongly, you can eat them without sauce nor anything. The octopus is very fresh, and it's excellent with alcoholic drinks!◎500yen for 12 Origin Takoyaki

2Takoyaki Juhachiban Dotonbori

Especially Crisp Takoyaki, The Local Food Of Osaka

Among many Takoyaki shops in Osaka, this Juhachiban is very crowded for its very crisp Takoyaki. They use much of Tenkasu, small fried dough, and very fresh octopus as a main stuff, so you can notice the goodness of the foodstuffs they use!◎450yen for six Sauce-mayo Takoyaki

3Wakana Namba

Crispy Outside, Creamy Inside! The Ideal Osaka's Takoyaki

They offer the ideal Takoyaki with crisp outside and creamy inside. The dough itself has a strong flavor, and the octopus is big enough to make us satisfied. If you hesitate where to go to eat Takoyaki, visit here!◎450yen for eight Takoyaki.

4KOUGARYU Main Store

The Originator Of Sauce & Mayonnaise Takoyaki With Much Of Grated Yam

Everyone knows this shop for Takoyaki, a local specialty of Osaka, and people make a line to eat it. The fluffy dough with grated yam and crispy surface are excellent, and it's an originator of Sauce-mayo Takoyaki.◎450yen for ten Sauce-mayo Takoyaki

5Otako Main-Store

Piping Hot Osaka's Specialty Takoyaki With Big Octopus

Otako's proud of the fresh and big octopus in their takoyaki. Piping hot and soft dough, taste is kind of traditional. By the way, I was happy to see the big octopus!