Most Beautiful Places In Megijima, Kagawa Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Megijima, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as Washigamine Observatory the highest spot in the island, and Lovers Cape with a romantic white sandy beach. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Megijima Island.

Most Beautiful Places In Megijima, Kagawa Prefecture [1-3]

1Washigamine Observatory

Gorgeous View Of Fall Foliage & Seto Inland Sea At Megijima Island

At the highest mountain Washigamine in Megijima, the observatory commands a panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea, and what's more, fall foliage together. It's one of the things to see when you travel in the islands of Setouchi Area.

2Magijima Island Art Tour

Art Tour At Megijima Island Accessible In 20 Min From Takamatsu

In 20 minutes by ferry from Takamatsu, Megijima Island is the easiest destination for art tours. You can enjoy beautiful art works in concert with peaceful island. And more, for the art works stands very close to the port, you'll find them as soon as you land Megijima Island.

3Koibito Misaki (Lovers Cape)

Romantic Breakwater Located On The Edge Of White Beach

3 minutes walk from the port, a white sandy beach spreads like an arch. And at its edge, there's a romantic and scenic breakwater called 'Koibito Misaki (Lovers Cape)'. You can enjoy the scenery of Seto Inland Sea to your heart content without any obstructions.