Most Beautiful Places In Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as Ogushi Natural Park commanding the great view of Seto Inland Sea, and Tsuda Pinewoods. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Sanuki City.

Most Beautiful Places In Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture [1-5]

1Ogushi Natural Park

Picturesque View From A Peninsula Projecting Into Seto Inland Sea

Located at Ogushi Peninsula projecting into Seto Inland Sea, Ogushi Nature Park with camp site and an open-air concert arena. From the observatory, the panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea without any obstruction. You can see the photogenic and picturesque view!

2Okubo-ji Temple

Fall Foliage Spot For A Perfect Finale Of The Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage of Shikoku has become a little boom. Among the 88 temples, Okubo-ji Temple is the last one. And it's also famous as a fall foliage spot. There're many tall trees and the precinct wrapped with red and yellow is very beautiful.


The Theatron, the Mecca of the Open -Air Concert Arena with the Magnificent Sunset

The Theatron is famous as a mecca of an open-air concert arena. Sanuki-shi boasts the beautiful sunset scenery in the Setouchi sea.

4Kagawa Prefectural Kikaku Park

A Cherry Blossom Cloister Floating On The Shrine Pond

A beautiful scenery seen closely or from a distance. Usa Shrine is in front of the pond, the row of the cherry blossom trees 'someiyoshino' makes me feel thankful, somehow.

5Tsuda Pinewoods / Kinrin Park

A Superb View Of Blue, Green And White

A part of the Setouchi national park, and selected as '100 Beautiful Beach In Japan'. Please come to see the proud site of white sands and green pine trees in Kagawa.