Most Beautiful Places In Hyogo Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as Takeda Castle Remains above the clouds, and sky flower garden Awaji Hana Sajiki. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Hyogo.

Most Beautiful Places In Hyogo Prefecture [1-8]

1Takeda Castle Remains

Takeda Castle In The Sea Of Clouds

Takeda Castle floating on the sea of clouds is really a wonderful view we must see once in our lives! Though you need to climb the mountain to both the Takeda Castle remains and Ritsu'unkyo Valley, the moving scenery will blow your sleepiness and tiredness away! What's more, in summer, you can see the beautiful view like Ghibli movie 'Castle In The Sky' with lush greens.◎The sea of clouds will appear in the early morning (from dawn to 8:00) between September and November. To see the whole view of Takeda Castle, you need to prepare mountain-climbing boots and flashlights. The open hour changes by seasons, please check out the official HP for sure beforehand.

2Awaji Hana Sajiki

Stunning View For Every Direction! A Sky Flower Garden Overlooking The Sea

A flower island, Awaji's famous place 'Hana Sajiki' has 15ha area and 300m high above sea level. The beautiful location with the sea spleding below is truly 'sky flower garden'. In summer, you can enjoy sunflower and salvia.◎Entrance fee: free I enjoyed sunflowers, red and blue salvia in summer.

3Egret Himeji

Lesser Known Place! An Observatory For Full-faced Himeji Castle

An observatory in the 5th floor of Egret Himeji standing in front of Himeji Castle, commands the whole view od the castle and nice place to take pictures. What is more, you can enter for free and there're a few people here.◎An observatory's entrance fee is free.

4Awaji Yumebutai

The Pleasure Of Walking Around As You Like! A Huge Dream Stage Designed By Tadao Ando

A very big building of bare concrete wall designed by Tadao Ando. I almost get lost, but it has a pleasure of walking around and seeing plants, building and stunning views.◎The building thinks its important to face the nature. You can enjoy the plants, architecture and views of Awaji Island almost for free.

5Ankoku-ji Temple

Bursting Into Flames! Lighted Up Red Japanese Enkianthus

At Ankoku-ji Shrine is become crowded with people seeing the Japanese enkianthus trees in best season. The scenery cut out over the veranda is bright red like flames and overwhelm us sitting in front of that.

6Nadakuroiwa Suisen Kyo

One Of The Three Biggest Place Of Daffodil. Daffodils On The Slope Facing To The Sea!

Nadakuroiwa Suisen-kyo in Awaji-shima Island is one of the three biggest growth of daffodil in Japan. You can see the beautiful scenery with the ocean in sunny days and this is at dusk. Please enjoy the flowers with this scenery.

7Luminous Kobe

Unparalleled Luxurious Beauty! Romantic Night Cruise Of Kobe

A perfect night cruise you can see the glittering town sight of Kobe, and go under the illuminated Akashi Ohashi Bridge which is the longest in the world. It's so supreme night view that I can declare having a date here must be perfect.

8Shiwagara Falls

Powerful Waterfall Dropping Inside A Cave

Shiwagara Falls, where I arrived after 1 hour walk from the nearest parking area, was located inside the cave. It's completely different from our imagination and its powerful appearance fascinates the visitors! Though the way will be harsh, but it's worth visiting!◎The way to walk 1 hour from the parking area has steep slopes. There're ropes to climb, but it's recommended to equip the outfits. And there're some deep pools before Shiwagara Falls, you need rubber boots.

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