Most Beautiful Places In Nara Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Nara Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as Yoshino Mountain famous for cherry blossoms and autumn colors, and Hase-dera Temple with amazing scenery of nature. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Nara.

Most Beautiful Places In Nara Prefecture [1-6]

1Hase-dera Temple

Another World Behind The Gate! Great Views Harmonizing With Nature In Hase-dera

Hase-dera Temple has so long and beautiful 399 steps. For it's called 'flower temple', you can enjoy seeing peony and cherry blossoms in summer, hydrangea in summer, autumn leaves, winter-peony and winter-cherry blossoms. What's more, the lush mountain seen from the main temple is just amazing view.

2Heijo Palace

Heijokyo Tempyo Festival At Heijo Palace Once Used Be A Capital

Summer festival held at a vast site of Heijo Palace. This summer, the lighting event 'TOUKAE' was held at night, the sky changing its color every moment and the fantastic candle lights are wonderful. Look forward to this event in autumn, too!

3Han'nya-ji Temple

A Photogenic Cosmos Temple To Visit In Autumn

Han'nya-ji Temple is well known as a cosmos temple. From September to November, there're 150 thousand and 30 kinds of cosmos are in bloom. It's very photogenic to take pictures of a temple and 13 storied stone pagoda over the cosmos!

4Hanayagura Observatory (Yoshino Mountain)

Scenic Hiking In Autumn! Panoramic Fall Foliage View Of Yoshino Mountains

Yoshino Mountain is a famous cherry blossom spot in spring, and also its fall foliage in autumn is beautiful. The colored leaves spread to the whole of mountain, and it comes down gradually, so you can enjoy it for a long term. You must see them from Hanayagura Observatory!

5Houki-ji Temple

The Autumn Scenery Of A World Heritage Temple

Houki-ji (or Hokki-ji) Temple is a famous cosmos spot in Nara. The cosmos spreading at 20 thousand square meters site is very impressive.

6Tanize Suspension Bridge

The Longest Iron Wire For Living 'Tanize Suspension Bridge' At The Biggest Village In Japan

A suspension bridge that is proud of its longest length as an iron wire for living use spans above Totsukawa Village that is also proud as a biggest village in Japan. The view from 54 meters high is awesome and full of thrill. The No.1 spot of Totsukawa where you enjoy the great nature, too.

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