Most Beautiful Places In Shiga Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as a great cherry blossom spot Kaizu Osaki, and Eigen-ji Temple famous for autumn colors of Maple trees. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Shiga.

Most Beautiful Places In Shiga Prefecture [1-10]

1Kyorinbo Temple

Fall Colors On The Mossy Garden Of An Obscure Temple In Shiga

A stone temple Kyorinbo, built by Shotoku Taishi, is a great but a little known temple in Shiga Prefecture! The bamboo grove and mossy garden covered with fall colored leaves are like different world indeed. The falling red leaves down to the green moss are breathtakingly beautiful. What's more, you can see the carpet of red maple leaves in the later season.


Terrace Like A Paradise Overlooking Lake Biwa From An Altitude Of 1100 Meters

Ride a ropeway from the foot of the mountain, you can go there like a garden of heaven. Tiled pool of a café and yellow lemonade are stylish. But the nature blue colors of Lake Biwa and the sky are most wonderful.

3Shirahige Shrine

I Want To See It All Day! A Lightened Torii Gate On The Lake

Shirohige Shrine stands by the Lake Biwa and is proud of the oldest history in Oumi region. To be surprised, its torii gate stands on the lake! We can see the illuminated torii at night, and the lightened by the rising sun in the early morning.

4Eigen-ji Temple

Japanese Maple Temple With Autumn Colors

Eigen-ji Temple is called Japanese Maple Temple because it has many maple trees. In autumn, the precinct is filled with red, and these leaves are shining in the sun light.

5Chikubu-shima Island

Located In Lake Biwa, A Exquisite And Spiritual Power Spot 'Island Of God Living'

Chikubu jima is an uninhabited island located in Lake Biwa. In such a small island, there're one of the national treasures, important cultural assets and even one of the only thee images of Benzaiten in Japan. Because of its geographical condition and the sacred sight, they say the whole of the island has a spiritual power to give visitors divine grace.

6Kaizu Osaki

A Row Of Cherry Trees, One Of The Best 100 Cherry Trees In Japan, At The Side Of Lake Biwa

Kaizu-osaki, a scenic spot at the north of Lake Biwa, there is a row of cherry trees. And about 900 trees of Somei-yoshino(a popular kind of Japanese cherry tree) make us attracted by its fantastic spring scenery.

7Metasequoia Avenue

I Found In Japan! A Metasequoia Lined Street As Long As 2.5km

At Makino Highland, located in the north of Lake Biwa. As many as 500 trees of metasequoia line up along the street of 2.5km. Enjoy the different expressions of each season, like lush greens in spring and summer, the splendor of the leaves in autumn and the snowy scene of white branches in winter.

8Momiji Pond

Beautiful Reflection As If It's About To Take Us In

In the quiet mountain depth, I was fascinated with the beautiful deep greens and the completely reflected world on the water surface. Don't you notice if it's reversed, do you?

9A Hill With Lake Biwa View (Biwako-no Mieru Oka)

Clear Sky And Lake Biwa Spread Out Before You! Beautiful View From 630 Meters Altitude

An observatory built lately in the site of Hakodateyama Lily Park. You can sit the steps and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Biwa. Also, it's a photogenic place you can take pictures of you having the beautiful view all to yourself.

10Mt. Kojin

Stunning View In Only This Season! The Rice Fields Glowing In The Setting Sun

They take water into the rice fields from around the Golden Week Holidays ( from the late April to the early May). For the sun sets just the same direction as the rice fields in this season, you can see the beautiful landscape from the top of Mt. Kojin.


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