Most Beautiful Places In Shizuoka Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as Mount Fuji commanding the great view from the highest place, and Nakatajima Sandhill with many artistic wind patterns. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Shizuoka.

20 Most Beautiful Places In Shizuoka Prefecture

1Mt. Fuji

Supreme Panorama For Only Successful Climber Of Japanese No.1 Mountain Top

Mt.Fuji climbing is restricted within the short term during the year. On the way to its top, you have to experience the hard roads and environment. But, at the end of the journey on the top, the supreme panorama extends as far as the only successful people can see.


Moving Rise Above Fear!? Japan's Longest Suspension Bridge With A Nice View Of Mt.Fuji

400meters longest suspension bridge for only persons on foot spans at Hakoneseiroku. To the small goal in the distance at the other side, if you fear the swinging steps, let's hold a handrail, look up and walk forward! Being fascinated at Suruga Bay and Mt.Fuji, your fear will change into the feeling like walking in the sky.

3Dream Suspension Bridge (Yume-no Tsuribashi)

A Suspension Bridge Across The Milky Blue Lake

A milky blue lake at Sumata George with rich nature. You must be fascinated with the beautiful scenery as it is in these pics. To see this Dream Bridge, you need to drive the mountain roads for as long as 1 hour, and some places has only one lane... We have rarely seen this secluded scenery.


Clear Panorama! Super Scenic Lounge Of A Classic Hotel Facing To The Sea Of Izu

As the name of 'Sun Parlor', very exhilarating lounge with high ceiling and wide windows. This room makes us feel relaxed and want to see the blue sea of Izu for a long time on the sofa. Enjoy your time with the hotel-made fresh sweets.

5Komuroyama Park

A Park Colored By Many Colorful Azaleas

Azareas begins to bloom late in April and you can enjoy them untill the beginning of May. A beautiful scenery of pink, red and white azaleas spreads as far as you can see.

6Hakone Jukkoku Touge Cable Car

Sky Cable Car You Can Enjoy The Panoramic View Of Mt.Fuji

Jukkoku Pass is located between Hakone and Izu. You can go up the top in 3 minutes by a cable car and it's a spot of stunning panoramic view of Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Manazuru Peninsula and Sizuoka. Must-visit place when you travel in Hakone and Izu.

7Shiraito Falls

A Natural Monument! A Waterfall the Spring of Mt.Fuji Flows Down Like Silk.

Don’t miss the scenic spot when you visit Shizuoka. The spring of Mt.Fuji separetes to some streams and the waterfall flows like silk. The beautiful scenery is designated as a natural treasure. That is to say the BEST waterfall in Japan.

8Nakatajima Sandhill

Mysterious Wind Patterns On The Sand And The Orange Setting Sun On The Horizon

A little known sand hill. But very huge and you can get to the Pacific Oscan as a straight horizon after a short walk. And the wind patterns are artistic! I recommend the twilight time. You can see the bright red sun setting into the sea.

9Izu Granpal Park

So Beautiful Illuminations Shines The Night Of Izu Fantastically

The 50th anniversary of Izu Guranparu Park. 2million LED cover the area that is twice as large as Tokyo Dome. The slide in the lights and the roller coaster running through the illuminations are worth seeing.

10Tsumekisaki Park

The Sea, Aloe, And Narcissus. The New Year's Narcissus Festival Wrapped In Sweet Scents

With a beautiful Cobalt Blue Sea in Izushimoda, Suzaki Peninsula's Tsumekisaki Garden is a gregarious spot of as many as 3 million wild narcissuses. Enjoy the New Year's walk on the sea side wrapped in sweet scent. Narcissus Festival is held till the beginning of February.


Mt.Fuji, Night Sky & Night Scene.. Gorgeous Views Always Entertaining You

Nippondaira Hotel stands on Nihon-daira Hill that was recognized as 12th Night View Heritage In Japan. Especially, the view seen from its lobby is overwhelming! You can have a gorgeous time and may find yourself need nothing but these views.


A Cave Like In An Another Space With A Skylight Created By The Nature

Go down the dark stairs, you can get to the mysterious space with the roof wide-open. Seen from its top, it looks heart-shaped and surfs come into the cave from the rock hole. Through the hole, you can see the horizon and the beautiful scenery spreads like a picture.

14Mt.Fuji World Heritage Center, Shizuoka

Illuminated Mt.Fuji World Heritage Center, Shizuoka And The Reflection

The illuminated Hinoki (cypress) Fuji and the reflection of Mt.Fuji are beautiful. I took the second picture when the wind was blowing and there're no reflection.

15Jyogasaki Coast

A Precipitous Seashore Formed By An Eruption 4000 Years Ago And A Suspension Bridge Above The Blue Sea

It's possible to walk on the shore reef but there aren't any fences, so you can go to the tip if you have a courage. From the suspension bridge which is 48m length and 23m high, you could see the emerald green sea.

16Kunouzan Toshogu

Beautiful Suruga Bay Scenery! Ichi-no Mon Gate Of Kunouzan Toshogu

In Shizuoka Prefecture, Kunouzan Toshogu is located on the hill overlooking the Suruga Bay. Climbing up the steps, you can find the beautiful scenery like a picture! It'll make you want to stay here much longer.

17Kujyuppama Beach

A Secret Place Of Emerald Blue Through The Narrow Slope

It's little-known beach in Shimoda. White sands, calm surf and shallow slope to a distance, here's a suitable beach for families and snorkels. There is a rocky place you may see blue and yellow fish!!

18Ogawa Fishing Port

New Year's Days At A Fishing Port! A Happy Scenery Of Flags And Mt.Fuji

Ogawa Port on New Year's Days, you can see the wonderful scenery of flapping flags. Yaizu City in winter has lots of sunny days, so you can see even Mt.Fuji! But Uogashi Dinner is closed in New Year holiday season.

19Shirahama Ohama Coast

Proud White Beach, Clear Water And Emerald Green Sea In Izu

Going southward on Izu Peninsula, the sceneries change one after another. Then almost the southernmost of the peninsula is Shirahama (white beach in Japanese). Literally the sand is white and create a beautiful scene with the blue sea. In summer, the beach is crowded with people swimming in the sea and surfers.

20Hamana Lake

Entrancing Scenic Beauty and Various Lake Leisure

This is a brackish lake located in the west in Shizuoka, and connected with the Sea of Enshu. These complicated geographical features are said to be created by the myth giant Daidarabocchi. You can enjoy the varied and great scenery from a sightseeing boat and a ropeway.

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