Most Beautiful Places In Niigata Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as a scenic shore selected as one of the 100 scenes in Japan, and the most highest observatory Tokimesse. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Niigata.

Most Beautiful Places In Niigata Prefecture [1-5]

1Futatsugame Beach

The Clearest Sea In Sado & Beautiful Landscape Recognized By The World

The northernmost of Sado, very tranquil time with so clear the Sea of Japan and great nature. Mysterious Futatsugame, that appears when the tide is low, is a world-recognized beautiful place you can find in Michelin Green Guide Japan as two-star.◎50 min by car from Ryotsu Port. You can swim in the sea till the middle of August. Go down to the beach from the steps beside SADO Futatsugame View Hotel.

2Megane Iwa Shore

Dynamic Rock Standing Along The Sea Of Japan

A scenic spot in Niigata Prefecture, Sasagawa Nagare Shore has this huge rock called 'Megane Iwa (Eyeglass Rock)'. It had two holes and named like that, but now it has one. But, the huge rock standing along the shore is dynamic indeed.

3Takada Park

Night Hanami In Takada Park! The Lighted Cherry Blossoms As Far As The Eye Can See

At Takada Park, the cherry blossoms in a wide area are lit up, and you can see the fascinating scenery with the castle. It's one of the three greatest night hanami places in Japan. There're surprising quantity of cherry blossom that I can't tell you in these pics. It's worth visiting!◎By car, the extra parking area are prepared, and you can take a shuttle bus from there. Or, walk from JR Takada Station.


The Panorama of Niigata Seen From the Highest Observatory in Japan Sea

You can visit here for free. The Shinano River running grandly inside Niigata towen, if the weather is good, Sado Island you can look over. I think the twilight will be nice.

5Kashiwazaki Lovers Cape

Place For Fulfillment In Love & Beautiful Sun Setting In The Sea Of Japan

Fukuura Seashore. It's surrounded with the Sea of Japan, and famous as a tourist spot that people put the heart-shaped plate will get fulfillment in love. What's more, we can see the beautiful sunset here, and enjoy romantic atmosphere in the evening glow.◎At Nihonkai Fisherman's Cape near here, you can eat and buy seafood of Japan Sea. I like its mackerel sandwich, a specialty of Kashiwazaki.