Most Beautiful Places In Gunma Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as scenic Mountain Haruna, and a retro Megane-bashi Bridge. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Gunma.

6 Most Beautiful Places In Gunma Prefecture

1Kusatsu Onsen

The Symbol of Kusatsu Hot Spring Yubatake (hot water field)

A hot spring wells up 4000 liters per minute and the steam is powerful. There are many restaurants and hotels around it, so you can enjoy Kusatsu-Onsen one of the three major hot springs in Japan.

2Mountain Haruna

Nicknamed Haruna Fuji! Japan's Autumn Mountain Scene Covered With Colored Leaves.

In Gunma, Haruna area has many tourist attractions such as a mountain, lake and shrine. Specially, the season of autumn leaves is the most beautiful. Mt.Haruna is called byname 'Haruna Fuji' because of its beautiful shape.

3Megane-bashi Bridge

A Retro Arch Bridge Of Brick That Merges Into Nature

Megane-bashi Bridge is one of the sites of railway between Yokogawa Station of Gunma and Karuizawa Station of Nagano. Surrounded with shining young leaves or mountains of autumn leaves, it has spent a history in harmony with changing seasons.

4Lake Nyu'u

110 Thousand Sunflowers Blooming On A Hill

Near the Lake Nyu'u, there's a flower field of over 110 thousand sunflowers. The best season is the end of July to the beginning of August! You can also see the great view of Lake Nyu'u over the sunflowers.

5Fukiware Waterfall

Wonderful Yellow Leaves That Color The Autumn Valley

Katashina Valley is located at the northeast of Gunma Prefecture. And Fukiware Waterfall running in the valley is a rare one that people look down. In autumn, the mountains around here change their colors. The beauty of the valley and the yellow leaves makes me release shutters.

6Asama Waterfall

The Biggest Waterfall In Kita-karuizawa That Makes Us Healed By Its Dropping Sounds & Green Aroma

The negative ions of Asama Waterfall that is proud of its rich amount of water, and lush grove make us feel relaxed. Here's not so crowded even in the busy tourist season.

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