Top Things To Do In Teshima Art Island, Kagawa Prefecture

Best things to do in Teshima, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. It's called 'Art Island' and has many places to see such as Teshima Art Museum. Then, we selected top things to do from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who actually have been there.

Top Things To Do In Teshima Art Island, Kagawa Prefecture [1-8]

1Danyama Okazaki Park

A Wonderful View Of Setouchi Stays In Our Memory Forever

At Teshima Island where many art works are exhibited, the islanders admire the panoramic view of Setouchi as beautiful as the arts. The scenery seen from Danyama Mountain in the center of the island, is so beautiful that I'll never forget this forever.

2Terraced Rice Fields At Karato In Teshima Island

Take A Trip To A Beautiful Island! A Photogenic Road At Peaceful Te-shima Island

Te-shima is located almost in the middle of Kagawa and Okayama. The slope of the 255th prefectural road at Karato area is beautiful photogenic road with peaceful terraced rice fields and Setouchi ocean view. Let's enjoy cycling at beautiful Te-shima Island♪

3Teshima Art Museum

Teshima Art Museum: Nature Of Teshima Island & The Building Influence Each Other, And Invite You To Another World

A concrete building without any pillars. Its two holes are open as if it rains, and take in the sunshine, winds and rains on Teshima Island as they are. Mysterious movement of a 'spring' that changes every moment in the art and its sounds attract people for many hours.

4Danyama Mountain Top

Moving Scenery Of Setouchi Seen From Mt.Danyama, A Highest In Teshima Island

An observatory on the top of Danyama Mountain, a highest in Teshima Island. As soon as you finally climb up to the top, there spreading the moving panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea. It's a 360°beautiful spot.

5Teshima Island Art Tour

Art Tour In Teshima Island Where The Beautiful Scenery & Arts Are Intermingled

An art island 'Teshima' has many art works because of the Setouchi Triennial (art festival) hold every three years. Some arts are in harmony with the island scenery like the sea and rice fields, and some give us a surprise. Making an art tour is one of the attraction of the island trip.

6Lemon Hotel

An Installation Art 'Lemon Hotel' You Can Actually Stay

It's an enjoyable installation art which you experience at the voice's suggestions. It's also a hotel accepting only one group a day and a café you can eat and drink the island's specialty lemon. By the way, what does this art mean? You'll know that after the experience.

7Teshima Island

Karato Spring That Has Connection With Kukai

This spring is said to be dug by a priest Kukai and now it becomes a precious water for people in the island. It is designated as a superb water in Sanuki and the important cultural asset.

8IL Vento

An Old House Art Café Painted Camouflage Pattern

This old house café is based on an art of Tobias Rehberger 'what you love, also make you cry'. It is painted white and black to a kind of camouflage pattern which becomes a novel fusion of a cyber room and an old Japanese house.

About Teshima Island

Teshima belongs to Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa prefecture. The population is 1000, the area is 14k㎡ and the circumference is about 18㎞. It's located just middle between Okayama Pref. and Kagawa Pref. and it has beautiful scenery in every direction. What's more, it is popular as an art island with many art works and museums.

How To Get To Teshima Island

35 min by ferry boat from Takamatsu Port to Ieura Port, 35 boats in a day (changes by the date), one-way 1330yen. Or, from Okayama, 40min from Uno Port, 4 boats in a day, one-way 770yen. And also, 25min from Uno by passenger liner, 4 liners in a day, one-way 770yen. ※Extra boats are prepared during the art festival.

Means To Explore In Teshima Island

Bus, bicycle and walking. Though it takes tome, you can see around the main tourist spots by bus or on foot. The best way, we think, is to hire a bicycle to move freely. Some shops around Ieura Port would rent it. What's more, an electric bicycle is even better for the many slopes in the island. You can go round and go up Danyama Mountain in the center of the island by electric bicycle. In the case of the stocks out, you need get one as soon as possible.

The Necessary Time To Explore In Teshima Island

One or two days. If you want to see both of art works and other geographical tourist spots like scenic Danyama Mountain, a single day isn't enough. It would be possible to see only arts in a day.

Foods And Restaurants In Teshima Island

There're diners, restaurants and cafes. We introduce nice places to eat the island's specialty foods like lemon, vegetables and fruit, in the following.

Teshima's Food Guide

Accomodations In Teshima Island

There're some tourist homes in the island. We think it'll be nice to enjoy your stay, food and the island.

Lemon Hotel'白い寮' The White DormitoryOld-Style Japanese Inn Takamatsuya

Other Islands In Kagawa Prefecture

We introduce tour guide of isands around Teshima in the folllowing.

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