Most Beautiful Places In Hokkaido Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as Shirohige Waterfall with fascinating blue river, and Mt.Moiwa Observatory commanding a great night view. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

25 Most Beautiful Places In Hokkaido Prefecture

1Higashimokoto Sibazakura Park

A Hill Slope Is Tinged With Pink! One Hundred Thousand Square Meters Pink Carpet

Higashimokoto Sibazakura Park has a large hill slope tinged with deep pink and light pink. Sibazakura (moss pink) Festival is hold till May 6. The scenery seen from the top observatory is splendid! You can see the great panoramic view of moss pink.

2Hokuryu Himawari-no Sato (Sunflower Field)

No.1 In Japan! 1.5 Million Sunflowers In 23ha Hill

A huge hill of 23ha is covered with yellow. The scenery of 1.5 million sunflowers has become topic in Japan. Sunflower Festival is held until 8/20. Please come to the No.1 sunflower field in Japan!

3Blue Pond

Japanese Larch Trees Standing On The Clear Sky Blue. A Miracle Pond Like A Gate To A Different Dimension Of Space

About 20 minutes from Biei Station by car. A solitary blue pond is miraculously made by human and nature. Water pooled in a disaster prevention dam and made this blue pond. The secret of it lies in the water ingredients.

4Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai no Oka

A Palette Of Earth Drawn By Flowers & Greens! Panoramic Flower Gardens

Shikisai-no Oka is a famous scenic place in Biei, Hokkaido. The scenery of farm products and flowers on a hill is beautiful and bright like a colorful paints on a palette. A cart you can drive in the garden is also exciting!

5Otaru Canal

Gaslamps Lighting The Warehouses Are Nostalgic! Night Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal is popular as a tourist spot. At night, gas lamps burn and make a fantastic scene differ from the canal at daytime. Beautiful reflection of illuminated warehouses on the water. You can take a night walk on the well-kept path for walkers♪

6Lake Shikotsu

Beautiful Snow Statues Shining Fantastically In Only Winter

Shikotsu Lake in Hokkaido, though the festival held a limited period between January and February, many people come to see it.

7Cape Kamui

Once The God's Land. A Cape Remains The Tragedy Of Prohibition Against Women Entry

Contrary to the sad tradition the cape remains, you can see the overwhelming beautiful view.

8Goryokaku Park

Lovely Collaboration With Snow Mountains! Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom At Goryokaku Park

A famous cherry blossom spot, Goryokaku Park in Hakodate. Around 1600 trees of Someiyoshino wonderfully paint the whole park. The collaboration of mountain with the remaining of snow and cherry blossoms is also very beautiful.

9Goryokaku Park

1600 Cherry Trees Come Into Full Bloom! Night Cherry Blossom Viewing At Goryokaku Park

A famous cherry blossom spot, Goryokaku Park in Hakodate. Around 1600 trees of Someiyoshino are wonderful painters of the star shaped castle site. It's lightened up at night and you can enjoy night cherry blossom viewing♪

10Shiretoko Goko Lakes

A Bridge To The Sky! Panoramic View You Can Enjoy The Great Nature

An elevated wooden path to Ichi-ko Lake, one of the five lakes of Shiretoko. The 800 meters path seems to stretch beautifully to the sky, and the mountain range of Shiretoko and the Sea of Okhotsk are truly breathtaking scenery! Even small children use the path safely for it's barrier-free.

11Mt.Moiwa (Mountaintop Observatory)

Japan's New Three Best Night Views! Observatory Of Mt.Moiwa Offering A Whole View Of Sapporo

From an observatory on the mountain top, you can have a night landscape of Sapporo like many jewels and also a huge panoramic view of town and nature. It's romantic for lovers to ring a happy bell and promise the forever love♡

12Mt Rishirizan

The Northernmost Mt.Fuji Full Of Expressions

Mt.Rishiri stands center of the Rishiri Island. It's selected one of the 100 beautiful mountains in Japan, people call it 'Rishiri Fuji' for the beautiful shape. As I drove around the island, Mt.Rishiri changed its expressions from one to another which I became attracted.

13Ikushina Flower Garden

The Calm Sea Without Waves. Silver World Of Drift Ice Spreading To The Whole Surface

2016, drift ice has arrived at Hokkaido. Drift ice run around the beach and the sea filled with pure white became calm without any sounds of waves.

14Tokachi Ranch

Appeared In TV Drama 'Massan', Beautiful White Birches Standing In A Straight For 1.3km

An entrance of Tokachi Farm. Here's well known as a low of white birches where Massan and Elly held their hands and run through in a scene of NHK's morning drama. Also it's acknowledged as a beautiful grove of Otofuke town.

15Atsuta Park Observatory, Lovers Sanctuary

Scenic Spot Of The Grand Coastline Of Hokkaido! The Observatory At Atsuta Park

You can have a whole view of the coastline continuing to the distance and the Japan Sea from an observatory on a hill! And it's the first 'Lovers Sanctuary' that selected as one of the 100 best places for lovers to propose in Hokkaido♡ Nice to see the sunset, too.

16Mt. Asahidake

Like A Garden Gods Playing. Summer Asahi-dake Mountains With Blooming Alpine Plants

The highest mountain in Hokkaido, Asahi-dake. There's a waking path around the pond, and the mountain is beautifully reflected in the water surface. During spring and summer, alpine plants blooms all over the sight, and in autumn, leaves turn pure red. You can enjoy impressive beautiful scenery.

17JR Hakodate Honsen Line

Hokkaido's Scenic Train Traveling Along The Outline Of The Land

Taking the local train of JR Hakodate-honsen Line from Hakodate, you can see both of the views of sea and mountain at the same time. It's really nice to spend a time slowly on a train.

18Resuke mountain (787m)

Mashu-Blue of Mashu Lake Seen from Top of the Risuke Mountain

The Resuke mountain (787m) is located along the route of Nishibetsudake mountain. The spiritual Mashu lake surrounded by mountains looks deep blue called Mash-blue.

19Shakotan Peninsula

The Sea Of Beautiful Shakotan Blue

The beautiful blue color of the sea around Shakotan Peninsula. In Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan, has much of amazing nature.

20Rebun Island

Largest Scale In Japan! The Great Nature In An Isolated Island At The North End

Very northern Hokkaido, on the west sea from Wakkanai, an island named Rebun-tou. The island, that is to be the end of Japan, has sceneries not like Japan. There are hardly any islands where you can enjoy such a great nature like the sea, mountains and huge rocks.

21Shirohige Waterfall

Great Nature's Blue In Biei…Shirohige Waterfall & The Blue River

Shirohige Waterfall is near a famous 'Blue Pond' in Biei. The Biei River as a waterfall basin is called 'Blue River'. The clear waterfall from Tokachi-dake Mountain Range and the clear blue river are so beautiful that we feel like be drawn into them!

22Kami no Koike Pond

A Miracle Pond Of Blue And Clear Endlessly

A small pond made from the infiltrated water of Masyu Lake. Although it runs as deep as five meters, it's so clear that I can see the bed of the pond! I don't think it has an obvious address, please refer to the link.


A Tableland Kaiyoudai Where You Can See The Windbreaks Planted Grid Pattern And Seen From The Space By Mamoru Mouri

The grid patterned windbreaks that are seen in the picture Mamoru Mouri took in the space shuttle spread in tableland Konsen in the east of Hokkaido. At the tableland Kaiyoudai in Nakashibetsu Town, you can see the grand scenery from height 270m.

24Oshin Koshin Falls

An Impressive Waterfall Flowing Out From A Cliff

On the northward way to Shiretoko on the National Route 334. This is summer, but when the snow thaws, it has more power! One of the most beautiful 100 waterfalls in Japan.

25Goryokaku Tower

Goryokaku & Hakodate City View Seen From A Glazed Observatory

Hakodate is related to people lived in the end of Edo era such as Ryoma Sakamoto. You can learn about the stories of Goryokaku that now become the wonderful view.

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