Most Beautiful Places In Yamagata Prefecture

Here're most beautiful places in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. There're many breathtaking views such as Zao with snow trees on the mountains, and Risshaku-ji Temple standing above the 1000 stone steps. Then, we selected most beautiful ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Yamagata.

3 Most Beautiful Places In Yamagata Prefecture

1Ginzan Onsen

A Romantic Hot Spring Town Like Taisho Period That Lets Us Want To Wear Yukata For A Walk

Some Japanese wooden hotels stand along the Ginzan River and there are a lot of atmosphere in Ginzan hot spring town. After sunset, people wearing yukata walk here and there in the town lightened by gas lamps. You can feel the mood of the old period as if you go back in time.

2Houjyu-san Risshaku-ji Temple

A Mountain Top Temple With More Than 1000 Stairs

Risshaku-ji Temple is familiar as a name 'yama-dera' (mountain temple) in Yamagata. There are more than 1000 stairs from the gate to the depths, and you can enjoy a fine view becoming more and more beautiful as you climb up the stairs.


Ice Monsters! Snow Trees Covered With Ice & Snow

These fir trees covered with snow and ice have so strange shapes that they're called 'Ice Monster'! On every around February, you can enjoy snow trees, skiing and walking at the top of the mountains in Zao, Yamagata Pref.

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