Best Japanese Cafes In Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

Kanazawa is a historical town of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. If you visit some cafes in Kanazawa, you can enjoy the tasteful ancient atmosphere of a castle town with nice coffee and Japanese sweets. Then, we selected best cafes from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who actually have been there.

Best Japanese Cafes In Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture [1-10]

1Sweets Shop Urushi-no Mi

Plates, Trays & Cutleries Are All Lacquer Wares! A Café Produced By A Historical Lacquer Ware Shop

The first floor of the shop is lacquer ware for everyday use, the second is Wajima-nuri (the local lacquer ware), the third is tools for tea ceremony and Kaga-makie (gold and silver lacquer) and the fourth is a café. A glossy lacquer ware and Japanese sweets beautifully arranged on it, is too good to eat. And more, of course, it's delicious.


Shaved Ice Like Light Snow At A High-end Japanese Café In Kanazawa

Very thinly shaved ice containing air is so fluffy that seems to melt only at a touch. It's excellent with homemade syrup of seasonal food. You can eat it all easily though it looks big.

3Kanazawa Nanahoshi Curry

A Stylish Carry & Rice In Kanazawa That Makes Me Want To Visit For It

They use the local foodstuffs such as meat, rice and vegetables of course, even soy sauce and seasonings. And no flour nor sugar for carry sauce. So this 'Kanazawa Curry' is healthy and doesn't cause upset stomach. I don't get tired if I eat it everyday.


CACAO SAMPAKA KANAZAWA In A Former Tea Shop With Lots Of Old City Atmosphere

The first floor is a shop, and the second floor is a café that serves desserts and drinks of chocolate, tapas, and alcoholic drinks such as Spanish beer and wine. They sometimes hold events suitable for Kanazawa, and anyone can take part.

5Hosho-ji Temple

Relaxing Café In A Temple Precinct

A café in Hosho-ji Temple built by Maeda Toshitsune, who was the third lord of Kaga Domain. It's a little semi-Western style, but makes very comfortable harmony with the tranquil temple. Sweets that they serve are delicious of curse, I think I found the nice cafe to take a rest.

6Nazo-ya Café

Solving Riddles After Coffee. Unusual Café Of Home Roasted Coffee & Mysteries

Drinking a delicious cup of coffee, you can enjoy solving riddles at this unique café. There are full of interesting devices here and there worthy of the name mystery café.


Kaga Vegetable Juice You Can Taste At A Café In Harmony Of Old & New

Kaga vegitable juices have the same names as the bridges over the Asano River such as 'Ume no hashi' and 'Tenjin bashi'. And, with sweetened beans (ama-natto) of Kawamura, a popular shop at Nishsi Chaya-machi. I recommend their homemade sweets, too.


Masterpiece Pancake At An Old House Café In Kanazawa With Full Of Castle Town Mood

A pancake café that is said to be the best in Kanazawa located on a corner of Higashi Chaya-machi. It contains full of air and its fluffy feeling of taste must make you addicted. You have to make a reservation because the café is filled to capacity as soon as they open.

9Café Sotsu

Kanazawa Morning! Breakfast At An Old Style House Makes You Feel Luxury

A set breakfast of fastidiously prepared toasted bread, salad, fried egg and freshly ground coffee for 600 yen, from 7:00 to 10:00. If the café isn't crowded, you can ask for a change the fried egg to omelet.

10Yamato Shoyu Miso

Get Beauty♡ Delicious & Healthy Lunch Of Fermented Food

Gorgeous lunch with an ama-zake aperitif, 7-9 kinds in season, unpolished rice, miso soup, dessert uses melted rice, and drink. Only 30 dishes in a day, and you have to make a reservation!