Most Beautiful Places To Travel In Tokushima Prefecture

Most beautiful places where you can meet the great nature in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Tokushima belongs to Shikoku Region and has many interesting tourism spots. Then, we selected most beautiful places you must visit when you travel here, from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who actually have been there.

23 Most Beautiful Places To Travel In Tokushima Prefecture

1Mt. Tsurugi

One Of The 100 Best Mountains In Japan! The Great View From The Highest Top In Tokushima

The highest mountain in Tokushima, Tsurugi-san is 1955 meters high and selected as one of the 100 best mountains in Japan. Even mountain climb beginners can go by a lift to the middle, and see the great view from the top.

2Mt. Tsurugi

Sky Terrace Of Tsurugi-san, One Of The 100 Best Mountains In Japan

Tsurugi-san is known as a mountain for beginner climbers because the lift and path are equipped, though it's a 2000-meter mountain. On the top, a scenic terrace are set up for all directions to see the beautiful view that is one of the 100 best mountains in Japan.

3Uzu Road

Naruto's Breathtaking View And Thrill At Uzu Road

Tokushima's famous attraction 'Uzu no michi' has a bracing view on both sides, and a thrilling view at your feet.

4Iya Kazura Bridge

One Of The Three Most Curious Bridges In Japan! A Scenic Bridge Across The Beautiful Valley

At Iya in Tokushima, Kazura Bridge is one of the three most curious bridges in Japan. The bridge is made from hardy kiwi. You can enjoy the thrills of creaking and swinging of the bridge and nice view of the valley at the same time.

5Okuiya Double Kazura Bridge

Can You Cross? 42m Long & 12m High 'Male Bridge'

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridges have Obashi (Male Bridge) and Mebashi (Female Bridge). Male Bridge is longer and higher than Female Bridge. When you look down, you can see the mountain river through the floorboard, it's so thrilling. Can you go through this fear!?

6Okuiya Double Kazura Bridge

So Thrilling! The Inner Mountain Attraction 'Yaen'

Yaen is like a ropeway moved by yourselves pushing the rope. It thrillingly rocks badly when you lost balance! From inside it, you can see the beautiful scenery of the two bridges and mountain river. Though it's frightened…

7Yuka-no Sato

Numberless Trees Of Weeping Cherry Blossom Dyeing The Site Pink

You can see the numberless weeping cherry blossoms and forsythia at the same time in Yuka-no Sato. Seen over the back of Kannon statue, the scenery may make you want to pray somehow.

8Oboke Gorge

Koi-nobori Swimming Gently In The Beautiful Precipitous Valley

Koi\nobori (carp streamers displayed in May) gathered from all over Japan are swimming in the air gently. Shoals of swimming carp in the beautiful valley is the spring scenery that Kochi's proud of.


Sights Of Moss In Tokushima! Fluffy World In Front Of Your Eyes

Mt.Yamainu-dake is a famous spot of moss in Tokushima. The spreading moss scenery in front of your eyes is like Shiratani-unsui kyo Valley at famous Yakushima. People who like moss and plants or if you are not, also can enjoy walking around the mountain.

10Uzushio Mishio Ship

The Dynamic Swirling Currents In Front Of Your Eyes

You can go very near to the dynamic swirling currents on a boat. I felt a thrill that I'm afraid not to be engulfed into the currents.

11Naruto Sky Line

A Driveway Looking Over The Whole Sea Of Naruto From A Car Window

Naruto Sky Line can commend the view of Uchino Sea as well as Naruto Strait famous for the swirling currents. On sunny day, we can enjoy refreshing drive, and people who like cars and stunning views must like it.

12Mt.Bizan Observatory

Seen From An Observatory, The Morning Sun Dyeing Tokushima Port

Mt.Bizan is located at the center of Tokushima City. It's a low mountain but you can see the rising sun above the sea from its observatory. And the morning sunlight dyeing the port is so beautiful that it makes you feel the beginning of the new day.

13Yoshino-gawa River

Yoshino-gawa River In Winter. Shirasu-unagi Fishing Like Fluttering Fireflies

Popular winter event in Tokushima is Shirasu-unagi (baby Japanese eel) Fishing. The boats Moving around with lights looks like fireflies, and you must be enthralled at all.

14Eda's Canola Flowers

A Signal For Great Spring♪ Terraced Rice Fields Colored Yellow With Canola Flowers

Terraced rice fields spread at this Eta area of Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima. With the spring arrival, the canola flowers dye the terraced fields, and I want you to see it once! Walk up a little, and look over the whole of the scenery♪

15Otodoro Waterfall

Surprising Blue Basin Of Waterfalls! Dynamic Waterfalls Dropping Like Stairs

Otodoro Waterfall is located almost center of Tokushima and it drops through three steps. You must see the beautiful clear color of waterfall basin as well as the waterfall itself.

16Ohama Beach

You May See Them! A Beautiful Beach Loggerhead Turtles Choose For An Egg Laying Site

Ohama Beach is located in Minami-cho, Tokushima. It's selected one of the best 100 beaches in Japan, and also designated for a natural monument as a egg-laying site of sea turtles.

17Jinstu Waterfall

Flowing Down In The Peace And Tranquility Air! A Godly Waterfall

Jinstu Waterfall is at Kamiyama-cho in Tokushima. It falls from as high as 30m, and in winter, it sometimes becomes frozen waterfall whose godly appearance is the most appealing.

18The Earth Pillar In Awa

Amazing Scenery But Watch Your Step! Huge Earth Pillar Made By Nature

One of the 3 greatest earth pillars in the world. Awa's earth pillar has unspeakably wonderful figures. Very impressive earth wall from the bottom, and sheer cliff from the top you must watch your step. You can enjoy the both views.

19Todoroki Waterfall

100 Best Waterfalls In Japan! A Dynamic Waterfall With The Highest Drop In Shikoku Region

Located at Nanyo-cho, the southern part of Tokushima, Todoroki Waterfall is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. It has over 50 meters drop and very dynamic, but its width is particularly narrow. More over, because of the big rocks surrounding the fall, I feel something sacred.

20Iya-kei Velley

Beauty Of V Shaped Deep Valley

You can see nothing but only the great nature at Iya Valley. Such as Hino-ji Valley and Manikin Piss, you can enjoy many places as a driving route.

21Waki-machi Sinking Bridge

A Sunset Scene Full Of Tasteful Atmosphere! A Sinking Bridge Over The Yoshino River

In Tokushima, a sinking bride is call 'Sensui-bashi' and a very simple structure. Among the bridges, shined Yoshino River and the sinking bridge in Waki-machi compose the very beautiful sunset scene for the sun sets on the mountain over the bridge.

22Amagoi Waterfall

Very Powerful And Mysterious Circle! Amagoi Waterfall, One Of The 100 Best Falls In Japan

After 30 minutes walk on the uphill slope, you can feel the impressive power of great nature and find the mysterious circle surrounded by rocks. Amagoi (pray for rain) waterfall drops through three steps, and there's another fall aside of it. These are called 'married waterfalls' and selected as one of the 100 best falls in Japan.

23Biwa Falls

Unexplored Waterfall From 50 Height Green Craggy Place

Beautiful contrast of green craggy place and white waterfall. Its name came from a musical instrument 'biwa' that defeated Heike family had played. The water is very clear and the air is full of healing negative ions.

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