Best Lunch Restaurants In Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture

Best guide for lunch restaurants in Shodoshima, which has calm climate and a rich fishery of Setouchi. There're many restaurants to eat Shodoshima specialties for lunch. Then, we selected top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.

9 Best Lunch Restaurants In Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture

1Shimayado Mari

With 4 Kinds Of Special Soy Sauces, Seafood And Raw Vegetables In Shodo Island

These soy sauces are called 'taru-jikomi' (brewed in butts) whose amount is less than 1% among the whole distribution. Furthermore, say sauces such as custom-made and not for sale, you can't taste anywhere else. For sashimi of course, also vegetables! Raw asparagus has a moving deliciousness!

2Cafe Chuzaemon

The Olive Pasta Made by Specialty Method 'Tenobe' which is Enchanted Texture and Eaten Only Here

A craftsman makes the high-quality olive noodle carefully by traditional method 'Tenobe' of Shodoshima Island. It is enchanted texture and the outside is soft and the center is sticky. So, the original olive pasta with local ingredients is delicious.


Special 'Fresh Somen Noodle' You Can Eat Only Here

Somen noodle is a dried food as usual, but you can eat fresh and row one in this restaurant because it's under the direct management of a factory next to it. Somen noodle is a specialty food of Shodoshima Island, and it has over 400 years history. This chewy, smooth and fresh somen is especially delicious!

4Olive Palace RestleA

The Local Somen Noodle With A Difference! Tasty & Green Olive Somen

It's a restaurant in Shodoshima Olive Garden. Shodoshima Island is a birthplace of Japan's olive cultivation. This somen is kneaded with olive and becomes more delicious by sauce added olive oil. You can eat somen noodle a bit different from ordinary one.

5Sun Olive Restaurant

Shodoshima Food With Juicy Local Beef

Fried minced beef and croquette made of Olive Beef (Kagawa Prefecture's specialty beef) are so juicy that I can't stop my chopsticks. Rice and Tsukudani (food boiled down in soy sauce), both are made in Shodoshima, are the highlight of the local food. The seascape is also satisfying.


High Grade Sashimi In Setouchi

I ate this as a reward for myself in Shodoshima Island in my summer vacation. They cook the local foodstuffs carefully and beautifully. I ate heartily with my girl friends.

7Shodo Island Ramen HISHIO

Thick And Smooth Hishio Soba (Ramen) Using Soy Sauce Made In Shodo Island

Shodo Island is famous for making shoyu (soy sauce). Soup with shoyu and stock of local fish is so thick and smooth. Why don't you try?

8Komame Shokudo

Lunch With Scenic Terraced Rice Fields! 'Onigiri Teishoku' Of Blessings Of Shodo-shima Island

In the middle of Shodo-shima Island, Komame Shokudo is located at Semmai-dana, one of the most beautiful 'Tana-da' (terraced rice fields) in Japan. The specialty is 'Onigiri Teishoku' with rice balls and foods grown in Shodo-shima. In front of the fine view, at the retro house, glossy rice balls are so delicious!

9Inakasyokudo Osakaya

A Rice Bowl Of Tuna And Leek With Hishio Sause Made In Shodo Island

Negi-toro(leek and tuna) don is as good as the famous Hishio-don of this restaurant. With Shodo Island's hishio(a kind of soy sauce), I enjoyed it very much.

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