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7 NIKON D5100 photos [1-7]

Near Itami Airport, at the bank of Senri River, you can enjoy the powerful planes landing and taking off at close range. I even get scared when the landing plane passes just above my head.◎Access: 20 min walk from Sone Station of Hankyu Line

Miyajima of Hiroshima Prefecture, has large fireworks display every summer. The scene of fireworks behind the torii gives us goose bumps. I really want you all to see it actually ones in your lives.

At the bank of Senri-gawa River, you can see the airplanes landing and taking off the Itami Airport at very close. Got into the news because of the commercial of Google, this location gives photo opportunities of special moment of sunset sky and airplanes.◎Access: 20 min walk from Sone Station of Hankyu Line

On'na-son Seaside Park has an easy access because it's located at the center of a main island of Okinawa. You can see a sacred pair of rocks in the offing as well as enjoy swimming in the sea. It has two attractions in one place.

You can see the runway of Itami Airport from the bank of Senri-gawa River. And at night, the runway glitters and compose the fantastic night view with airplanes landing and taking off. It's worth seeing at all and also the nice photo spot.◎Access: 20 min walk from Sone Station of Hankyu Line

Nabegataki Fall have lighting show in every spring. Though the waterfall is so beautiful that it's called as 'curtain of water', when it's illuminated, you can possible to take pictures of more fantastic one.◎Entrance fee; 300 yen. The loghting show is held different terms in each year. In the past, it has held in Golden Week Holidays, or around the end of March.

Futamiokitama Shrine is famous as a scenic spot of the morning sun. And the sun rising between the pair of rocks around the summer solstice is well known, but you can see the strong existence in the rocks shining in the morning glow.