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8 X-E1 photos [1-8]

Kawaramachi Tsumairi merchant houses area is located at a town under Tamba Sasayama Castle in Kyoto. It's registered as the important preservation district of historic buildings. Enjoy walking around the lovely retro town and cafés and variety stores.

J'oublie le temps is a bakery of famous confectionery CLUB HARIE. At this lovely bakery like being in other countries, you can taste tasty breads and nice views of Lake Biwa. Have a luxury breakfast without thinking about time.◎J'oublie's Morning Plate (including bread of all-you-can-eat) 1300yen Open: ~11:00 ※closed in the case of being crowded

Yata-dera is renown as a hydrangea temple. There're 60 kinds and 10 thousand of hydrangeas bloom in the precinct, and I can feel relaxed just looking at them.◎There're long steps on the way to Yata-dera Temple. you need to wear the easy-walking shoes.

20km to the north from Sanda city in Hyogo, a bakery 'Nora' is located at a mountain village 'Moshi' surrounded with tea plantations. Their nature yeast breads like works of pottery baked by a handmade stone oven are so delicious! You can enjoy tasty breads and tea grown in Moshi.◎Open: from Friday to Monday, 4 days in a week

Mountains and woods, rich nature of Omi Hachiman surrounds this confectionary shop. There're main shop, market, bakery and places where the people can communicate each other with nature. You can enjoy freshly made sweets in nature.

In the middle of Shodo-shima Island, Komame Shokudo is located at Semmai-dana, one of the most beautiful 'Tana-da' (terraced rice fields) in Japan. The specialty is 'Onigiri Teishoku' with rice balls and foods grown in Shodo-shima. In front of the fine view, at the retro house, glossy rice balls are so delicious!

Higashiushirobata ride field is selected as one of the 100 most beautiful terraced rice fields in Japan. I like to see it specially at dusk in May or June. Many photographers get together to take pictures of the setting sun reflected on the whole paddy fields. After the sun set, you can also see the glittering fire on boats to lure fish.

Miyama in Kyoto, 'Thatched Village (Kayabuki-no Sato)' has old style houses with thatched roofs. The village with the remains of tasteful Japanese scenery is selected as the preserved district of important cultural buildings. Enjoy slow trip at the tasteful village in Kyoto.