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It's located on the way to the shopping district, near Onomichi Station. And somehow the appearance looks good old, and makes us feel relieved. Oyatsu-to Yamaneko is a specialty shop of pudding, and has various kinds. I ate Onomichi Pudding of white-chocolate this time.

TAMAGOYA is a cafe of food cooked from egg such as pancake and Oyako-don (rice bowl of chicken and egg) is always crowded and we need to wait. They sell food for takeout and some other things related with egg, so it's worth visiting if you can't enter the cafe! I love their soy sauce for specially Tamago-kake-gohan (rice mixed with fresh raw egg) and baumkuchen which are all delicious!

Mugesanbou Salon de Muge has a air of quietness. The maccha parfait tastes very thick, and the seasonal parfait has many kinds of fruit to be able to enjoy autumn's harvest.◎Only parfait 1300 yen, with drink 2000 yen. Cafe's opening hours: 14:45-18:00 (L.O 17:00)

You can choose bread from two kinds. Only toast during morning. They offer many kinds of jam, and we can select three. It's located near Namba Station, and you can access easily.◎Gokumi Natural Bread 280 yen, with three kinds of jam +200 yen. Cafe Latte hot 420 yen.

MASHOLA is a so lovely cafe with pink interior located at Kawaramachi in Kyoto. They prepare many kinds of drinks, and you can meet a lovely store clerk and a dog.


Many Ornaments Of Frog

There're many ornaments of frog here and there in this cafe, and they're very lovely. We can choose scone from 4 kinds for 200 yen and they're nice in size. The cafe latte also tasted mild, and I cold feel warmth in mind.

The glass is round, and the ice is round, too. It's a round, lovely ice cream soda. I had it with cake. The cafe staffs are friendly, and I could have a good time without thinking about time though I visited on Sunday.


Good View & Mt. Fuji Pancake

Kissa Cancer is a long-established cafe you should visit when you travel in Kawane. So big pancake has rich taste of egg like castella, and its delicious cake is excellent with not-so-sweet cream. They also offer many other foods. We can see the great view from a cafe because it stands on a hill, so we can see Mt. Fuji on a beautiful day.

Root2 Coffee is a small cafe located near Nishi Honganji Temple. Colorful tropical cider excellent for hot summer days! It's nice when you want to feel refreshed.

They're good-seller '10min Mont Blanc' and 'Selfish Shortcake'! With sauce, we can enjoy various tastes. What's more, we can look the process of making cakes, and the pastry chefs are willing to come out for photos. Their cakes have the different texture and tastes from the other sweets shops.