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Chocolat Republic offers a sweet plate named 'Tea Party' appears in every season! The plate, we can eat the best-seller cakes at one time, is very popular, combined with the lovely appearance! You need to reserve it!

FUKUNAGA901 is proud of its parfait with full of seasonal fruit. Specially, Ichigo Yama Parfait (Strawberry Mountain Parfait) with its lovely appearance is one of the best-seller one!!


Special Tarts Full Of Strawberries

The strawberry tart and strawberry chocolate chip tart have an excellent balance of not-too-much sweetness and strawberry sourness! Together with the lovely appearance, they make me want to eat again and again.

The Ritz Carlton Okinawa in Kise, Nago-shi, has a whole view of the East China Sea and Nago Bay admired as the most beautiful ocean in Okinawa main island. The best room of this hotel is Cabana Room from which we can come and go to the main pool. It has a private jacuzzi, so it's a best room to stay.

Their parfait with seasonal delicious fruit decorated beautifully has many fans! Among the parfaits, strawberry and pistachio parfait is the best-seller.

The chef owner uses some seasonal fruit and makes sweets with gentle and heart-warming tastes. Their Oyatsu Plate, we can eat a little of each sweets of the day, is a good-seller.

Fuglen, a popular cafe in Norway, has opened in Asakusa. The first floor uses a room spaciously, and the second floor is small but offers a quiet time. And it's favorably located to enjoy Asakusa mood. When you travel in Asakusa, why don't you take a rest at Fuglen Asakusa?

Maruyoshi's most-seller is Niku Kama-tama Udon Noodle (freshly boiled udon noodle mixed with egg and meat). To eat just only noodle, and roll the noodle with meat, you can eat as you like. When you finish to eat noodle, you can take a bite of rice to eat with the egg and meat left in your bowl.

Going through the entrance of wall filled up with records, you can enjoy listening to various high quality music. And, they told, you can use some audio system of various sound makers at toll private room.

Cafe Vivement Dimanche in Kamakura offers very tasty coffee and voluminous parfait of custard pudding that makes us smile instinctively. It's excellent with the coffee very much♡