iPhone 8

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31 iPhone 8 photos [1-10]


Beautiful Place From Whichever Angle You Take Photos

After we pay homage at the temple, we can take pictures with this colorful spot! Many people enjoy wearing Japanese traditional wear Kimono. Yasaka Koshin-do Temple gets very crowded on weekends, so it's better for you to visit on weekday morning.


Rich Pudding With Just-Burnt Caramel Sauce

FEBRUARY KITCHEN is located just next to Asakusa Hana Yashiki Amusement Park. We can have the delicious pudding, tasty coffee and drinks in the cheerful voices from the park. They also offer various homemade food such as sandwich, they're all delicious of course.


Strawberry Parfait Created With All Effort Of The Pastry Chef

LEVRE and BON is a popular bakery at Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, and its sweets made by the pastry chef are very delicious. Strawberry parfait sold only this season has various tiers, and is extremely delicious!


Strawberry Afternoon Tea In A Spacious Lounge

Strawberry jewels excites us as soon as we see them. It's a dream-like afternoon tea we can enjoy rare foodstuffs such as ruby chocolate and white strawberry.


Pancake Of Dreamlike Texture

La Lance Lourd is a cafe located a few minutes from Zenkoji, in a quiet residential area. This classical cafe serves pancake which is fluffy and melt fragilely like dream in my mouth. Their baked cakes are all delicious, specially, the Canelé is superb! We can spend time leisurely in this comfortable cafe.


So Lovely Sweets' Plate You Must Get Before It's Sold Out

The cafe on the second floor opens from noon. Tea Party offered only for a limited quantity of plates. The sweets on the plate change every month, we can enjoy it many times. If you want to eat it for sure, don't forget to reserve!


Classic Pudding On Sale From 2 P.M. Till The Stocks Last

A little hard pudding with rich egg taste, poured much of caramel burned to a good bitterness, is very delicious! What's more, the red cherry on it makes a retro and classic mood.


Seasonal Parfait At A Cafe Let Us Forget The Bustle Of Shinjuku

A chic cafe like another world, located at the second floor of office block near Isetan in Shinjuku. It opens from lunch time to night, so it's very easy to use. The cafe staffs are kind, lunch, dinner and sweets are delicious, I like here very much.


Strawberry & Rouge! Afternoon Tea With Full Of Girls' Dream

Started from 1/16, Strawberry Rouge Afternoon Tea at a hotel lounge. All of you will get excited with the sophisticated sweets and savories (savory: not sweet snack to eat between sweets)!


A Lovely Cafe In The World Of 'minä perhonen'

Ie-to Niwa is a cafe with a natural garden that is not believed to be in the midtown building. The interior and plates are all 'minä perhonen', so they're chick and stylish. They offer not only sweets and drinks, but also lunch, so we can enjoy the cafe leisurely.