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You can find the famous characters anywhere. It would be one of the attractions of this Ghibli Museum.

The exhibition of Ghibli works, original short movies, and trick arts, children and adults can enjoy fully apart from the real world.

Well known arts are of course wonderful. But I think the nature in Naoshima protected by the residents since long before Naoshima became famous is superior to the arts.

They use a thick stock of seafood and add a stock of pork and chicken to it. I recognized the reason why people made a line for this noodle.

Now Japanese cartoons are proud of it's high quality. Popular cartoons and figures of well known characters are sold, We can feel the deep Japanese cultures.

A Luxurious time for only taking a slow walk. I tried to direct the lens not to the sea or arts but a town in the island.

The special Sasebo Hamburger uses 'Nagasaki beef' the best beef in Japan and sauce transmitted from United States navy. So, it's a premium hamburger!

Bite Dynamically into a chicken with born. Pepper and garlic as spices are excellent with beer! It's good to eat cabbage dipped into a oil extracted from meat. I always order torimeshi (rice boiled with chicken) together. Kagawa's specialty is not only udon!