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Special Things To Do to travel in uruma-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Richest In Minerals! Life Salt 'Nuchimaasu' Born From Chura-umi

Okinawa's dialect chura-umi means the beautiful sea. This salt contains 25% less salinity than others and it's texture is very smooth like a powder snow. Because the salt contains as many as 21kinds of minerals, they cultivate it for also cosmetic. And shops and cafes with some limited items have become the new popular spots for tourists.

Katsurenjyo Castle Ruins

Breathtaking Panoramic View From The World Heritage

Even its decent figure standing on the mountain top is nice, the superb view from the 100meters high fascinates the traveler's hearts more than anything. In the castle site, you can enjoy virtual trip going back 600 years.