Top Foods & Restaurants In shima-shi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in shima-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-3]

La Mer Classic

Traditional Ise Ebi Lobster Cream Soup Dense with Its Extract

Traditional Ise Ebi lobster cream soup has over 30 years history. I really enjoyed the dense and the richest soup.

Kinko-imo Kobo Ueda Shoten

Warabi Mochi Soft Cream With Many Sweet Potato Syrup

Sold directory by a sweets factory, a rich taste milk soft cream ice with lots of sweet potato syrup! As a topping, Kinko Imo (dried sweet potato) which has gentle sweetness♡

Id bowl

Delicious Shaved Ice Topped With Homemade Syrup

Near Kou Beach, Idbowl sells the shaved ice on only Saturdays and Sundays. Its syrup and condensed milk are all homemade, and they prepare the flavor of chai tea and coffee.