Top Foods & Restaurants In ise-shi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in ise-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-5]

AKAFUKU Main Store

Essential To Summer Visiting Ise! A Cold Specialty Of Ise

The summer limited menu 'Akafuku Gori'. This is maccha taste shaved ice and has 'Akafuku' inside it. A famous sweet of Ise, Akafuku and shaved ice are excellent each other, and it makes you refreshed and cool in hot summer in Ise.


High Grade Wagyu In Mie! Grilled Matsuzaka Ushi Beef

At Niko-Do in Oharai machi. They grill Matsuzaka ushi in front of the restaurant! Soft meat and its sauce was also superb!


Ise Udon Noodle And Tekone Zushi

Near the Uji-bashi bridge, this restaurant is in the second and third floor of Senokuni-ya. You can see the forest of Naigu (Ise Jingu Shrine). Tekone Zushi of bonito pickled with soy sauce and Ise udon noodle, we can't miss them when we come to Ise.

Tofuan Yamanaka

Mild Sweetness Of Otofu Soft Ice Cream

Otofu shop makes a healthy soft ice cream made from tofu and soy bean milk contained more than half of it. I felt more delicious after walking around Ise.