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Special Things To Do to travel in oshima-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Kakeroma Island

Only Your Footprints On the Beach! An Uninhabited Beach You Can Land Only By A Kayak

Kakeroma Island has a complicated topography and there are uninhabited white sand beaches studded. By a kayak to the beach you can't go by land. On the morning of that day, the wave is so calm that I enjoyed the clear water surface riding on a kayak I borrowed from a hotel.

Yuriga-hama Beach In Yoron Island

Completely Transparent Sea & White Beach Appears Only A Few Hours

In Kagoshima, I find much more beautiful scenery than those of southern resort in other countries.

Yoron Island

The Contrast Of The Ocean & Sky At A Southernmost Island In Kagoshima

An isolated island in southernmost Kagoshima, Yoron Island. The clear ocean and sky always welcome you. I was unconscious of the passage of time and looked the ocean and the sky.

Takateru Point

The Best Sunset In The Island! A Most Scenic Swing Hung From A Tree On A Cliff

The west side of Kakeroma Island, you can find the best sunset observation point after following a winding path up the mountain. The view from a swing hung from a tree on a precipitous cliff, is surely a breathtaking view of even islands in the distance.