Top Foods & Restaurants In kagoshima-shi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in kagoshima-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-3]

Tenmonkan Mujyaki Main-Store

The Original Maker Of Shirokuma Shaved Ice♪ Cold Sweets Like Jewels

Kagoshima's specialty Shirokuma (means white bear) is shaved fluffy ice with homemade condense milk and colorful fruits like jewels. It's gorgeous but a familiar taste somehow, a comfort food of people in Kagoshima.


Watanabe Berkshire Farm's Pork Fillet Cutlet Melting Just After Coming Into Your Mouth

Watanabe Berkshire Farm's bluck pig (Kurobuta) is smooth and has rich taste. The best one I have ever had.