Top Things To Do In komatsu-shi


Special Things To Do to travel in komatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Things To Do Ranking [1-2]

Nata-dera Temple

Surprising Nature! Kigan Yusenkyou, The Site Of Ancient Submarine Eruptions

Started in 717, with a history of 1300 years, Nata-dera Temple has some nationally designated important cultural properties. And this wonderful view around 'Kigan Yusenkyou (strangely shaped rocks and a gorge a wizard living) was read in Matsuo Basho's haiku 'ishiyama no, ishi yori shiroshi, aki no kaze.' (Whiter than rocks of a rock mountain, an autumn wind)

Mortorcar Museum Of Japan

Car Museum With 500 Famous Cars

A car museum filled up to the 3rd floor, such as old famous cars and Rolls-Royce that Princess Diana got in. If you aren't a big fan of cars, you can enjoy here at cafe and photo space.