Top Shops In kanazawa-shi


Special Shops to travel in kanazawa-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-10]

Ama-natto Kawamura

No.1 Souvenir 'Omiyage' Of Kanazawa! Specially Made Ama-natto: Sweetened Food

They pick the water for boil beans, and the sugar made from mushrooms or seaweeds. And more, they adjust the time for boil beans and the amount of sugar depending on its kinds, hardness and size. They explode the usual images, that is to say the ultimate Ama-natto!

Sakakobo Taro

Yokan Like Chocolate! It Brought A Breath Of Fresh Air Into Kanazawa's Sweet Scene

This yokan, a traditional Japanese sweet, accepts the new stuff aggressively with a view to make traditional sweet familiar to younger generations. It looks and tastes like high quality chocolate. They have made efforts to realize the good texture and rich taste.


The Original Bean Snack Souvenir Made From Precious Ishikawa's Beans In Japanese & Western Tastes

As well as the bean snacks, these small boxes with seasonal illustrations are superb. Skilled workers of Kutani pottery draw them one by one using the method of 'Katagami suri' (rubbing colors over the patterns). There're so many kinds, such as standard tastes and limited ones that I wanted to buy all for 'omiyage'


Catching On With People All Over The World! An Experience Of Putting Gold Leaf In A Gold Town Kanazawa

Kanazawa accounts for 99% of all gold leaf production in Japan. In such a town, 'Gold Leaf Shop Sakuda' is reported in Michelin Guide, and many tourists from all over the world visit them! You can enjoy putting the gold leaf on chopsticks, plates and so on as a traditional industrial art.

Kanazawa Jizake-gura

Local Sake Made By 5 Sake Breweries And Made From The Same Ingredients

Gozou is made from rice grown in Kanazawa and yeast made in Kanazawa. Used the same ingredients, they have totally different tastes because of the differences of water and prosses. You can enjoy tasting these five sake.

Higashiyama Syuraku

For Sake-Loving People! A Specialized Shop For 120 Kinds Of Sake In Ishikawa

You can taste the locally made sake for 500-2500 yen. They also prepare the items to enjoy together with sake such as the local delicacies and glasses of traditional industrial arts. At the second floor, you can taste what you buy for souvenirs.

Kanazawa Yu

Overseas Top Shops Are Fascinated! Scarfs Woven By The Stuffs Lightest In he World And Very Thin

Tennyo-no Hagoromo (robe of goddesses) is woven by very thin threads, one fifth or sixth the thickness of hair. The weight is as light as 10g per 1㎡ and it feels like a breath of air. These scarfs of Japanese proud quality have adopted by famous brands and for stage costumes.

Makanai Cosme

Natural Japanese Cosmetics Born In Kanazawa, No.1 Producing Center Of Gold Foil In Japan

Women who work for gold foil factories under hard surroundings such as high temperature and drying used familiar materials and conceived these natural cosmetics after trial and error. These cute packages are also pleased for gifts as well as for yourself.

Kanazawa Bikazari Asano

A Specialty Shop Of Pretty Works Of Young Traditional Industrial Artists In Hokuriku Region

Traditional art products seems to be too expensive to buy, but 'Kanazawa Bikazari Asano' has many items that are reasonable and good for daily use, such as accessories, table wares and interiors. Don't miss this shop when you visit Kanazawa!


Souvenir Shop For Originalities Made In Hokuriku Region

Not only souvenirs, but many attractive traditional industrial arts, general goods for life, processed foods, and so on. They actually visited three prefectures of Hokuriku region and selected strictly these products lined up on display, so this shop is just a treasure box of Hokuriku. You must want to buy everything.