Top Things To Do In kaga-shi


Special Things To Do to travel in kaga-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Rosanjin's Cottage, Iroha Souan

An Extraordinary Artist & Foodie Kitaoji Rosanjin Loved The Cottage All His Life

Although he had stayed here only for a short term, he was concerned here ' Iroha Soan' till his last years. In the building, his work-room and a study are left as they are, and his rare art works are exhibited. You can totally enjoy a world of Rosanjin.

Kakusen-kei Valley

Matsuo Basho Admired! A Place Of Scenic Beauty Known As The Best Autumn Foliage In Hokuriku

Many fantastic rocks shaped by erosion of sandstone are seen in Kakusen-kei Valley. For each of the three bridges named Korogi, Ayatori and Kurotani, has the different designs and materials, it'll be good for you to enjoy the various sceneries.

Cape Kasa

Otherworldly And Fantastic Cape Kasa

Kasa-no Misaki at night has shining lights of fishing boats on the horizon, and the huge Milky Way in the sky. It's like the other world.