Top Things To Do In himeji-shi


Special Things To Do to travel in himeji-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Himeji Castle

It is Called 'Shirasagi, a White Egret Castle' That is The First World Heritage in Japan and Regains a White Figure After Repaired

The world heritage 'Himeji Castle' regains it's original beautiful white figure after a long time repairing. Japan boasts the unprecedented beautiful castle.

Koko-en Garden

The Japanese Traditional Garden For Strolling Around the Beautiful Ponds and Himeji Castle Behind

The garden is at the west of Himeji Castle. Lots of green, waterfall, and gently swims the carp, in other word, Japanese style oasis. The scene sometimes appears in movies. You can buy the reasonable entrance common ticket of the garden and the castle.

Egret Himeji

Lesser Known Place! An Observatory For Full-faced Himeji Castle

An observatory in the 5th floor of Egret Himeji standing in front of Himeji Castle, commands the whole view od the castle and nice place to take pictures. What is more, you can enter for free and there're a few people here.

Taiyo Park

Unknown But Great Spot In Himeji! A Theme Park You Can Feel Like Traveling In The World

Taiyo Park is managed by a social welfare corporation. The highlights are Terracotta Army replicas authorized by Chinese Government, and Great Wall of China as long as 2km, and so on! There're many other world heritages and architectures exhibited, and it's interesting to find different degrees of accomplishment between each works!