Top Foods & Restaurants In hiroshima-shi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in hiroshima-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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The Exquisite Conger-Rice 'Hitsumushi' that is Famous in Hiroshima

The Hitsumushi is a specialty meal of restaurant 'Takotsubo' at lunch. The exquisite meal is conger and rice steamed in a wooden container called 'Ohitsu' with green onions, laver and wasabi. You can choose conger or eel and I think conger is lighter.

Hassho Main Shop

One of the Best! Can't Talk about Hiroshima-yaki If You Have not Eaten It.

The Hiroshima-yaki uses high quality wheat, many cabbages, meats, grilled noodle mixed with eggs. It is soul food of locals and one of the best Hiroshima-yaki in Hiroshima, I ate one 'Sobanikutama'.