Top Things To Do In hatsukaichi-shi


Special Things To Do to travel in hatsukaichi-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Itsukushima Shrine

The Vermilion Lacquered Shrine Built On the Sea Like Dragon Palace 'Ryugu Castle'

Hiroshima boasts as the World Cultural Heritage. The mystic and beautiful shrine building seems to float on the sea. It's one of the most beautiful historical facilities, so it will attract people all over the world.

Mt. Misen

A Mountain Top Open Space With Big And Small Rocks lying Like Statues

After getting a enough exercise to climb up the mountain path. The superb view of Setouchi is of course, the open space with mysterious and artistic rocks you will be moved.

Itsukushima Srine's Five Storied Pagoda

Find Your Favorite View Of Five Storied Pagoda In Miyajima

This is the 7th oldest one among 22 five-storied pagodas that exists now in Japan. The beautiful red lacquered figure is a symbol of Miyajima the same as Torii of Itsukushima Shrine. You can see it from any places for it stands on a hill, so let's find your favorite scene!

Kiezu no Reikado

Miracle Flame Burning For Over 1200 Years! As A Lover's Sanctuary

The flame used for the training by a priest Kukai continues to burn even now. It's a lucky place for lovers and was acknowledged as a sanctuary in 2009. And the water in the caldron is said to have an power for any diseases.


Tasteful Sceneries Of Miyajima Different From The Four Cardinal Points

Standing at the hill top and a good place to view the scenery. You can see the whole of Itsukushima Shrine and the sea. And cherry blossoms in Spring! I think here's one of the best places to view the sceneries in Miyajima.


Spring Scene Only In Miyajima

Pink blossoms celebrate the coming of spring at the riverside. Sujikai Bridge is a representative spot for seeing the spring Miyajima. These days, I think I'm happy to be a Japanese, a deer said.