Top Foods & Restaurants In hatsukaichi-shi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in hatsukaichi-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-6]

Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street

Very Fresh! A Shopping District Of Fresh Oysters Caught In The Sea Of Miyajima

Let's drop in Omotesando shopping district on your way home from Itsukushima Shrine. Various shops show the local specialties on the front. Among them, fresh oyster caught in Miyajima is delicious! You cannot miss Miyajima oysters when you visit Hiroshima.


Take Breath With Great View. Miyajima's Scenic Café

KAKIWAI, located on a hill beyond the alley, has very wonderful open scenery! The cheese cake made from locally grown lemon is pulpy and delicious with its refreshing sweetness. Not only sweets, they prepare oyster dishes and alcoholic drinks.

Miyajima Syokudo

All Star Seafood In Miyajima. Conger Eel's Bara-chirashi

Oyster, conger eel, and octopus you can eat all together. And good tastes of the seafood is excellent with the vinegared rice. Bara-chirashi is a kind of sushi.

Anago-meshi UENO

Freshly Grilled Soft Anago-meshi, A Specialty Of Hiroshima

This restaurant 'UENO' is a birth place of Anago-meshi (conger eel & rice) that was sold as a box lunch at a railroad station. Its box lunch is famous, but what is more, you can eat freshly grilled and juicy one if you visit the restaurant. I couldn't stop eating for its delicious flavor!


This Is The Okonomi-yaki!! Hiroshima Style With Big Oysters

It looks very big, and I was surprised at the big oysters. But, to tell the truth, I ate up completely. Why? Because it's delicious!! You can eat in a flash!

Miyajima no Kakikun

Miyajima Oyster Gratin Covered With Just Grilled Cheese

Delicious! You should try the local gourmet when you get tired of usual way to eat oyster. What a revolutionary oyster it is!