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Special Things To Do to travel in semboku-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Kakunodate Samurai Residential Area

Fall Foliage Of Kakunodate Samurai Residential Area

Kakunodate Samurai Residential Area is famous as a great spot of weeping cherry blossoms in spring. And, actually, some of them have great fall foliage hanging out of the house such as Onoda House in autumn. What's more, they are illuminated in spring and autumn!

Tazawa Lake

The Deepest And Clear Blue Lake. One Of The Best 100 Scenes In Japan!

Tazawa Lake lies in east of Akita and near the boundary between Iwate. It has a proud depth of 423.4m and the clarity is so high that the lake has deep blue color.

Hinokinaigawa Bank

The Greatest Cherry Blossom Spot In Tohoku Region

Called as a little Kyoto, Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture has welcomed the blooming season of cherry blossoms. They are proudly blooming at Hinokinaigawa Bank as long as 2 kilometers, and Samurai House Street, that are selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom places in Japan.


Byname 'Small Kyoto In Michinoku'! A Samurai Residential Street Surrounded Fresh Green

There are many samurai residences extant in Kakunodate, the east of Akita. In each house, fine trees are planted and surround the area with fresh green in the beginning of summer.