Top Things To Do In yamaguchi


We have great places in Yamaguchi Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Yamaguchi is famous for Kintaikyo Bridge with beautiful five arches, and located west of Chugoku Region. To begin with Kintaikyo Bridge, Motonosumi Inari Shrine with hundreds of orange torii gates, Akiyoshidai which is the largest karst plateau, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as fugu (puffer fish), are also popular in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge

A Long Bridge Across The Cobalt Blue Sea

Tsunoshima Bridge goes over the blue sea as beautiful as the sea in Okinawa. The scenery is perfectly amazing.

Kintaikyo Bridge

The 5 Sequence Wood Bridge that Represents Japan, Worthy to Say "Bridge of Glory"

The beautiful bridge represents Japan. I felt the brilliance of it that concrete never expresses. I crossed the bridge of glory that has succeeded the techniques and give us seasonal taste.

Motonosumi Inari Shrine

Spiritual Power Spot With Beautiful Contrast Of Red, Blue & Green

Here's selected as one of the 31 most beautiful places in Japan by CNN in the United States. The impressing scenery spreading in front of my eyes.

Beppu Benten-ike Pond

One Of Japan's 100 Remarkable Waters! Astonishingly Clear Spring

Mine City in Yamaguchi is rich in water resources. Among these, Beppu Benten-ike Pond is elected as Japan's 100 remarkable waters. It's popular also as a tourist attraction because of its high degree of transparency and beautiful scene.

Ruriko-ji Temple

One Of The 3 Most Beautiful Japanese Pagodas! A National Treasure, Five-storied Pagoda

Ruriko-ji Temple is in Yamaguchi City, and the five-storied pagoda is its symbol. This is counted among the three most beautiful pagodas in Japan, and thought highly as a national treasure.

Beppu-itsukushima Shrine

A Blanket Of Yellow! The Precinct Covered With Ginkgo Leaves In Late Autumn

Beppu-itsukushima Shrine is a small shrine located at the center of great nature of Yamaguchi. There're many huge trees in the precinct and some of them designated as a city natural monument. In late autumn, the ginkgo leaves dye it yellow and make a wonderful scenery.

Akiyoshi Limestone Cave

Hundreds Of Plates Lying In The Japan's Biggest Limestone Cave

Akiyoshi-do is a limestone cave located on the foot of Akiyoshi-dai, a karst plateau. It's one of the three biggest limestone caves in Japan, and has an extensive space inside it. It's very popular as a tourist destination.

Yumesakinami Park

An Otherworldly Torii Arch

It's a place where the final enemy appears, isn't it? You can find this torii arch when you walk around the lighthouse.

Higashiushirobata Terraced Rice Fields

The Evening Glow On The Terraced Paddy Fields

Higashiushirobata ride field is selected as one of the 100 most beautiful terraced rice fields in Japan. I like to see it specially at dusk in May or June. Many photographers get together to take pictures of the setting sun reflected on the whole paddy fields. After the sun set, you can also see the glittering fire on boats to lure fish.