Top Things To Do In toyama


We have great places in Toyama Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Toyama is famous for a world heritage Gokayama, and located east of Hokuriku Region. To begin with historic villages of Gokayama, Tonami Tulip Park which is the largest scale of tulip, Syomyo Falls with the highest drop in Japan, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as Himi Udon Noodle and Toyama Black Ramen, are also popular in Toyama Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Mandara Yuen

Only 400yen! Unprecedented experience Of Hell In Toyama

Somebody say 'fall into the pits of hell if you behave like that!', but you can experience the hell actually at Mandara Yuen of Tateyama Museum Of Toyama. Being excited and sweating with fear, you can enjoy the fearer time than a haunted house.

Historic Villages of Gokayama

Largest 'Gassho Zukuri' House Of Iwase Family, That Is A Symbol Of Gokayama, A World Heritage Site

Gokayama has some 'Gassho Zukuri' (steep roofed) houses even now. Among them, a house of Iwase family, you can get the stories of the village's history, the house structure, and look inside the house. Enjoy the glimpse of life of people living at 'Gassho Zukuri' house.

Yaeduhama Beach

Fantastic Blue Lights On The Seashore! A Spring Scene 'Firefly Squids Throwing Themselves'

Toyama's spring specialty, firefly squids. You can sometimes see firefly squids thrown up on the shore. The sparkling blue lights on the night shore was very fantastic.

Tonami Tulip Park

Japan's Largest! A Park With 3 Million And 700 Kinds Of Blooming Tulip

In a large site, there're many places to see such as tulip ground pictures, flower valleys and flower beds on the water. It's as wonderful as Keukenhof Park in the genuine country, the Netherlands.

Owara Kaze-no Bon Festival

Traditional Folk Songs & Dance. Graceful 'Owara Kaze-no Bon'

At Ecchu-yatsuo, Toyama, 'Owara Kaze-no Bon' is a traditional event held every September, and has been handed down since Edo period. Sounds of Japanese musical instruments in a tasteful town, and beautiful dancers will captivate you at this nice festival.

Kansui Park

Spot For Love Confession! A Red Thread Telephone Of 58 Meters Long

In Kansui Park, there is a red thread telephone of 58 meters long and it becomes a spot for confession of one's love. At night, you can enjoy the illuminated one as a night view.

Zuiryu-ji Temple

Like A Castle! A Temple As An Only National Treasure Of Toyama Prefecture

Zuiryu-ji Temple is an only and one national treasure architecture, and a family temple of Toshinaga Maed, a feudal lord of Kaga. It's powerful, magnificent, and beautiful with many heraldries. I can feel the great existence of Maeda Family who had a wide estate in Kaga in old times.

Syomyo Falls

A Waterfall With The Highest Drop From Tateishi Mountain Range

Shomyo Waterfall has its source in Tateishi mountain range. Its drop is as high as 350m, famous as the highest in Japan. If it's the good time, Hannoki and Somen Falls appear close to the waterfall, you can see three falls at the same time.

Toyama Prefectural Museum Of Art & Design

A Museum You Can Appreciate The Art & Design

At this museum, you can appreciate the collection of Picasso and Taro Okamoto, and various kinds of chairs created by famous designers. What's more, it's happy for us to be permitted to use cameras.

Sankyo-son Observatory

The Scenery Of Paddy Fields With Studded Houses Among The Water Mirror As Far As The Eye Can See

Tonami Plain is famous for the scenery of studded houses among the paddy fields. The paddy fields are filled up with water around May, then the houses look to be surrounded with water mirrors. Particularly, you'll be fascinated with the evening scene!