Top Shops In tokyo


Special Shops to travel in tokyo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-10]

Shiro-Hige's Cream Puff Factory

Only Here In The World! Totoro Cream Puff Ghibli Recognized Officially

I want people who like Ghibli to visit this shop selling Totoro Cream Puff. And the illustration of 'Shiro-Hige (White Mustache)' drawn by Hayao Miyazaki for this shop is must-see. They prepare some cute baked confectionery such as ones shaped like mushroom and acorn.

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

The Mitsukoshi Main Store Loved by Madams

The lion icon is famous at gate and the renaissance style building is gorgeous and stately. As expected of the Mitsukoshi main store, the department store is loved by madams in Japan or in the world.

Sumida Edokiriko-kan

Original Edokiriko from Old Style to Modern in the Store

The store assorts more than 350 items of Edokiriko (Japanese traditional Glass). You can get the Tokyo Skytree pattern only here [1st photo].

Murakami Kaishindo

Rare Cookies That Are Hard To Get

Murakami kaishin-do is said to be the oldest pastry shop in Japan. The first-time customers refused, only with a introduction.! You need to ask a regular customer to connect with the shop, then make contact to reserve it by yourself.


A Room Like A Treasure Box Standing Quietly At A Back Alley And Grabbing The Hearts Of Travelers

There're many general goods about travel in a small building renovated from a paper processing works. At a rest area on the second floor, you can drink a coffee specially roasted for the shop. The exciting room waits you ahead of the door.

Daiba Icchome Shopping Street

Like A Time Travel! Retro Atmosphere Of 1950's

The room with full of retro toys and old-fashioned penny candies is like 1950's! At a haunted house of an old school ruins, you can undergo the real fear by the original way of directions.

Tokotoko Zakka Ten

A Variety Store Opened By Short-Leg Cat Milk Who Lives In A Mysterious Woods

A variety store in Kichijoji, that has become a topic among cat-loving people. There're more than 3000 kinds of lovely variety goods of cat and woods! I like its original stickers, and the free wrapping is also cute.


So Many Goods Catch My Eye And Old-fashioned Comfortable Room

The first store opened in 2000. They exhibit as many as 1500 goods excellent in design. I like the white interior that makes me feel old-fashioned comfort. At a dining adjoining the shop, you can enjoy food and coffee-time.

Marunochinakadori St.

Prized As the Beautiful Scenery of the City, Marunouchi Main St. Lined by Well Kept Trees

Along the street, there are some brand shops and open cafés. You never feel the busy streets around Tokyo St. or the Imperial Palace are adjoin. You can spend the comfort and calm time here on holidays.

New Marunouchi Building

The Shopping Spot like a British Classic Hotel

The building is designed by a architect flourishing in Britain. The decorations like a classic hotel or townscape harmonize with Tokyo Station built of red bricks.