Top Things To Do In tochigi


We have great places in Tochigi Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Tochigi is located north of Kanto Region, and famous for a world heritage Nikko Toshogu Shrine. What's more, very powerful Kegon Waterfall, Ashikaga Flower Park with wisteria flowers fascinating people all over the world, are things to do here. And the local specialty food such as Yuba Soba noodle and Tochiotome Strawberry, are also popular in Tochigi Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

The Luxury National Treasure 'Karamon-Gate'

The gate is a national treasure and the most important main gate. It's repaired and regained a brilliant at that time.


Like A Palace! A Room Made By Power Of Nature & Human

Otani Stone has been used as a building material for outer wall. You can see the various ways of mining in a long history. This is an underground room covered with mysterious atmosphere that made by the beauty of Otani Stone and the greatness of human.

Kegon Falls

A Powerful Waterfall Dropping Down The Beautiful Land Without Stopping

A charge needed, from the observatory you go down in an elevator, the more powerful waterfall can be seen. The condition is always affected by the weather, I pray for your good luck.

Shinkyo Bridge

A Red Arch Of A Holy World Heritage

Here is crowded as a starting place of Nikko sightseeing. A mysterious traditions about the bridge and a beautiful arch attract us.

Chuzenji Lake

A Lake In The Highest And Very Magnificent

The lake in the highest altitude in Japan formed at the same time of Mt.Nantai's eruption. It is very magnificent to see the mountain over the lake. I recommend the open space in front of Chuzenji temple to see the nice view.

Kuroganebashi Bridge

A Hot Spring Town Stands On The Valley

It's the scenery symbolizing the Kinugawa River. In Autumn, red and yellow leaves color the valley more attractive.

Flower Garden Nikko Hanaichimonme

A Wonderful Flower Garden Of Begonia

Though it looks ordinary greenhouse, I was surprised when I came into it! Lots of colorful begonia is so surprising. Nikko Hanaichimonme is a nice tourist spot you can play with animals, enjoy strawberry picking, as well as the begonia garden.

Kinutateiwaotsuribashi Bridge

A Thrill Of 40 Meters High And The Beauty Of Kinugawa Valley

You can enjoy the beautiful valley colored by red leaves with a little thrill. Autumn is the beat season for sightseeing.


Enjoy Walking With Alpaca! A Perfect Relaxing Farm

There're about 400 alpacas in the large farm which is 110 thousand square meters. This is a fleecy world on your both sides, and you can feel relaxed so much! Enjoy walking with alpacas, too.

Ashikaga Flower Park

150 Years Old Great Wisteria To See Both In Daytime And Night-time

The best thing of Ashikaga Flower Park is this Great Wisteria. It was transplanted by the first Japanese woman tree doctor, thought to be over 150 years old, and spreads over a 600-tatami area! What's more, the wisteria flowers are beautifully lit up at night. Though you can't visit during the best season of the Great Wisteria, you can enjoy the pale pink, white and yellow ones.