Top Foods & Restaurants In tochigi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in tochigi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-4]

Sushi Hide

Here is the Restaurant for Specialty of Nikko, the Nikko Iwana(Char) Freshly Caught

I recommend the restaurant for eating a specialty delicious foods of Nikko. The chef with a proud face said to me, "How do you like it?". So, he is proud of the delicious Iwana fish that is chewy and has great fat.


The Specialty Soba Noodle With Yuba

A specialty yuba, edible wild plants and thick soup, the local dish makes you warm. It is near the Kinugawa station, you can eat the local food as soon as your arrival.

Restaurant Kegon

Nikko Kirifuri Highlands Pork For Sauté

This pork is fed only a turmeric. You don’t miss the dish if you visit Nikko. It is characterized by its sweetness and matches soar sauce of berries to be a refined course.


Enjoy Coffee In Nikko; A World Heritage Site. A Café Renovated From A Priest's Lodging

There's a café renovated from a Shinto priest's lodging in the site for two shrines and one temple. Temple and shrine carpenters colored the inside that makes us to be in a shrine. Let's take a rest with a cup of coffee.