Top Shops In shiga


Special Shops to travel in shiga Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-3]

La Collina Omihachiman

Like A World In Movie! Photogenic Shop Standing With Nature

It stands in the woods as a background of Mt. Hachiman, and its roof is totally covered with grass. This architect has so impressive design that makes me wonder I enter the world in some movies.

Tomita Shuzo inc.

A Sake Brewer You Can Enjoy Famous Sake 'Shichihon Yari'

If you like sake, enjoy tasting some kinds and shopping them. They prepare two kinds sweets, cheese cake and ice cream of Shichihon Yari( it means 'Seven Spears'). Enjoy its flavor and gentle sweetness. You will like the cute and retro interior of the shop.


Green Tea Shortbread 'Aka-kabuto' Sold In A Limited Area

A great general in Oumi area, Naosuke Ii loved green tea, and sold in only area where is famous in connection with him. Delicious thick green tea taste! The elderly people will like it for its no sweetness. Making a kabuto(Japanese old helmet) from a box, children was pleased with it.